EWABS Episode 157 September 15, 2014 Fan Roundtable




Show Log

Episode 157, September 15, 2014

Fan Round Table (audio only)

0:01:40   The show begins after the intro.  George is at Laurie Allen’s home trying to make it all work.

0:03:22  Anthony Gettig has the first topic.  What’s the state of portable studio technology?  George and Dan discuss.

0:04:14  Dan talks about the limitations of on-the-road recording.  

0:05:23  George’s opinion.  

0:06:13  After some sound issues, George continues.

0:07:39  Anthony reports loss of audio to UStream.  Pondering.

0:08:08  The audio returns to the stream.

0:09:09  Video issues.

0:09:50  A participants asks if people are using Zoom for phone patch purposes.  Dan comments on Zoom’s stability.  George doesn’t see it being used much in VO production.

0:12:15  UStream and broadcast issues surface again.

0:13:52   Karyn asks for TwistedWave tips.

0:14:11   Kevin: Buy George’s plug-ins.  Also: iZotope RX4.

0:14:55  Dan says it’s important to thwart mouth noises physically.

0:15:10  Jack tells about a colleague who moved from the desert to Vancouver, BC, and lost her mouth clicks.  He talks about incorporating iZotope’s DeCrackler into George’s effect stack.

0:15:40  Ann talks about finding all the breaths using the Detect Silence features.  Jack adds using the command to shrink space.

0:16:14  Anthony encourages TwistedWave users to use the keyboard shortcuts feature.

0:17:36  Jack asks Karyn if she has used the ClipFile feature.  

0:18:30  Break

0:19:30  David Bonnel from Albuquerque, calling in from his car, talks about wanting a booth.

0:21:05  Anthony talks about starting with a similar space and using Studio Suit.

0:22:25  Staple guns and shower curtains

0:22:56  Edward shows his studio suit set up.

0:23:40  Karyn showers her shower curtain rings for Studio Suit.

0:24:01  Edward talks about tuning your room, one sheet at a time.  He talks about hanging the sheets on aircraft cable.

0:25:43  Introductions: Kevin Scheuller, Dayton, Ohio; Jack de Golia, Henderson, Nevada; Karyn O’Bryant, Pasadena, Calif.; Anthony Gettig, Ionia, Michigan; David Bonnal, Albuquerque, N.M.; Reen Vogel, Nashville, Tenn.; Ed Waldorph, Mobile, Ala.; Ann Richardson, Pleasanton, Calif.; Dave Smith, Henderson, Nevada; Kiki Baker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Scott Chambers, Gadsen, Ala.; Bill Russell, Nashville, Tenn.; Sam Fleming,

0:28:37  Break on top of introductions

0:29:30   George announces that Steven is recording the audio.

0:30:00   Bill Russell says hello.

0:30:58  Reen, a “newbie,” has questions about Audacity and courses about technical aspects of recording.

0:31:30  Dan offers his thoughts.

0:31:15  What about general “stuff”?  Discussion is interrupted by pounding sounds.

0:33:42  Ann Richardson suggests Guitar Center.  

0:34:38  George gives another view.

0:35:49  Kiki asks if the consultations cost.  Further discussion about learning opportunities.

0:36:59  Kiki follows up with more questions.  Discussion goes to Edge Studio coaching.

0:43:29  Break

0:44:40  Bill Russell talks from a noisy room as a security guard.  

0:45:40  Anthony likes local MeetUp groups.  He suggests people in Milwaukee and Nashville.

0:48:04  Scott Chambers asks how people feel about https://www.fiverr.com/

0:49:00  Dan begins to commentary.  

0:49:41  Another participant who is on fiverr gives another view.  He used it to jump start connections with clients and then get gigs at better rates.

0:50:54  You can set your own rates from $5 to $50.  Discussion ensues.  They debate having income versus not.  

0:54:11  George talks about moving to L.A. and doing sound jobs for free to start with.  He talks about how complicated it is now to know what’s professional.  

0:56:39  CRM tools?  Anthony uses onepagecrm.com.  There are new ones: Vox Tools, http://voxtools.com/  and Audio Helm.  Other services discussed, including https://www.zoho.com/crm/  

0:59:09  George talks about Hub Spot, http://www.hubspot.com/, a service used by Edge Studios.  They use it to tie social media, contacts database, and sales together.  

0:59:45  Ed talks about Vox Tools which is new and it’s focussed on commercial VO.

1:00:22   Anthony says “customer relations management” or CRM is something you have to take care of.  

1:03:09  One participant talks about what this business really is.

1:04:15  The question of having an agent gets addressed.  

1:06:15  Break

1:06:44  Bill talks about signing for an agent and using Jonathan Tilley’s list development.

1:08:40  Time for parting shots and plugs

1:09:00  Karyn O’Bryant, http://www.karynobryant.com/

1:09:24  Scott Chambers.  He also plugs Jay Holland.

1:09:46  Sam with http://www.ivoicetoday.com/

1:10:01  Bill Russell: http://www.billrussellvoiceactor.com/

1:10:26  Kevin Scheuller  http://www.stellarvoice.com/

1:10:53  Ed Waldorf, www.ed-vo.com/

1:11:20  Ann Richardson, http://www.annmrichardson.com/

1:12:24  Dave Smith, website coming soon.

1:12:46  Kiki.  She’s on Facebook and Twitter.  

1:13:48  Reen.  http://www.reenvogel.com/

1:14:16  David Bonnel.  

1:14:50  Steve Gonzalez. http://www.stevengonzalesvo.com/

1:15:37  Steve

1:15:50  Anthony Gettig, http://www.gettig.net/

1:17:00  Carey

1:18:27  Group sign off followed by lots of noises.

1:29:10  End of show.

EWABS Episode 156 September 8, 2014 VOICE 2014 Special



Show Log

Episode 156, September 8, 2014

Clips from Voice2014

0:01:52   They begin.  

0:03:00   Dan outlines the show to come.

0:03:45  The Red Carpet Reception, the first night.

0:05:46  Dan with Diane Merritt and Jen Davis.  

0:06:43  Dan with Julie Williams on VO ethics.

0:07:36  Bill Holmes and Dan.

0:07:59  Fred Melamed and Dan.

0:10:19  Dan with Beau Bridgland from the U.K.

0:11:15  Dan with Ed Asner.

0:11:55  End of this clip.

0:12:20  Dan tells an elevator story about Ed Asner and Pat Fraley.

0:14:09  Break.

0:15:30  They’re back.  

0:16:36  The live EWABS show at Voice2014.

0:19:26  Scott Brick joins the show.  He talks about his role at the conference and about current work.

0:27:20  Scott leaves, and Dan tells an embarrassing story.  

0:28:45  Larry Davis comes on stage.  He’s here to learn self direction and tells about his current work, including Morgan Freeman ADR.  He’s also does Madden game voicing and gives some examples.

0:33:35  Larry does Morgan Freeman.

0:34:12  Break.  

0:35:53  They’re back with a live audience!  Dan walks into the audience.

0:37:02  Esther has a question—name change when Dan moves to the west coast.  

0:37:46  A VO actor has a yeti, what can she do to step it up?  Dan talks about keeping it simple.  

0:39:10  George asks what problems she’s trying to solve?  GAS—Gear Acquisition Syndrome: don’t succumb.

0:40:03  Steve asks about ISDN and SourceConnect.  George says its inevitable.  Dan thinks it will be dominoes.  

0:41:42  Denise Chamberlain thanks Dan for helping with her microphone.  She asks about the difference between a condenser and dynamic microphone.  Dynamic mics are designed to be spoken to very close, a live performance and broadcast mic.  Condenser mic hears more like the human ear.  She thought an RE-20 dynamic mic would work for audiobook work, but it’s not working out.  George comments.  

0:45:22  Susan Bernard: when will EWABS cover ventilation?  Dan addresses it.  George talks about using a cooler and block of ice.  

0:46:45  Susan thanks George and Dan for EWABS.

0:48:10  Dan says the real trick is not to panic.

0:48:42  Gerald asks about mics and boards.  Dan replies.  With a mono, single track voice, you don’t need a mixer.  You don’t buy expensive equipment to get work, you work to get better equipment.  George joins the discussion.

0:53:18  Walter Olsen: have you guys tested the Kaotica Eyeball.  Dan gives his opinion.   George discusses his testing of the Eyeball.  

0:55:43  Dan introduces another guest, Rodney Saulsberry, who talks about the session he’s about to lead.  He works a lot for Telemundo.  Dan asks him what he likes about Voice2014.

0:59:04  Break  

1:00:16  They’re back.   

1:01:06  Voice Over Essentials’ Porta Booths.  

1:04:45  Ella says hello.

1:05:00  George shows a few photos of Ella at Voice 2014.

1:05:48  The Garden Party (with music by Ricky Nelson).

1:06:20  Curt Byk, who helps organize the event.  

1:07:10  Dan meets Rebecca Davis.  And she does a promo!

1:09:32  Scott Boyer at the Garden Party and a mustache duality.  Baritone test pattern.

1:10:24  Joe Loesch and they order a beer.  The bartender recommends a rum and Coke with ice cream for George.

1:12:56  Break.  VoiceOverXtra.

1:13:26  They’re back.  The final package.

1:13:52  Dean Panaro, Abrams Talent Agent, is presented with a problem to discuss at a Voice2014 session.  

1:16:48  Terrace Talk vendor area.  Diana Birdsall, winner of the EWABS demo derby.  She describes working with Chuck Duran to make the demos.  

1:19:33 Jonathan Tilley, who is based in Germany.  He talks about how he came to live in Germany and his League of List Builders program.  http://leagueoflistbuilders.com/

1:21:55  The hypnotist.  

1:23:17  Gibberish

1:23:52  Vendor visits: http://voxtees.biz/.  Erica Garcia describes her business of providing VO accessories.

1:25:27  They’re back.  

1:26:17  Next week: Fan Roundtable.  Twenty-five can participate.  Write to ewabshop@gmail.com to ask to join the show.

1:28:08  Donors thanked.  

1:29:20  Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @EWABS_show, and like the YouTube episodes.  Check out the demo derby in Episode 151 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmaRYhThdpg

1:30:00  There’s a podcast, so check that out.

1:30:25  Thanks to the staff.  And sponsors: VoiceOverXtra, VoiceOver Essentials, and Edge Studio.

1:31:20  Thanks to wives and Edge Studio who is providing the bandwidth.

1:32:00  Voice2014 ALS Bucket Challenge.

1:34:22  End of show.

EWABS Episode 155 August 25, 2014 Social Media Roundtable



Show Log

Episode 155, August 25, 2014

Social Media Roundtable

0:01:49  They begin, both in the West.

0:02:36  Thanks to the sponsors, Harlan Hogan, VoiceOverXtra, and Edge Studios.  

0:02:58  A new Edge Studio “mini site” will be unveiled at Voice2014.

0:03:20 Tonight’s show is all about social media.

0:03:56  John Lano in Minneapolis.

0:04:13  Trish Basanyi from New Jersey

0:04:40  Lisa Rice in Virginia

0:05:21  Jerry Reed from Update New York

0:06:03  Derek Chappell, Ottawa, Kansas

0:06:51 Dan asks Derek what he does on social media.  He says “persistence” is key.  External: clients; Internal: VO biz.  He tries to be out there both ways to get business and keep up with trends.  

0:08:05  For externals: 1) prospect for clients, 2) research clients, 3) share client’s online stuff.  Internal: share everybody’s stuff, paying it forward.

0:09:34  Dan asks Trish to comment.  

0:10:00  Trish says she has 17,000 followers on Twitter.  She’s also on TweetDeck.  It’s an app for Twitter to improve the interface.  TweetDeck breaks the Twitter information into columns.  

0:12:52  Dan asks Lisa what works for her.  She didn’t like Facebook.  She did social media originally for business.  She loves Twitter because it’s a challenge to get your message into 140 characters.  She has learned a lot from her VO contacts.  For externals, she feels Twitter & Pinterest help with search engines.  

0:16:00  Lisa uses her blog to show other sides of her personality and highlight her work.  Her ranking: 1) Twitter, 2) Pinterest, 3) LinkedIn.

0:17:17  Lisa describes Pinterest.  Pinterest allows you to create “bulletin boards” you “pin” articles to.  It helps her organize what before were bookmarks.

0:19:42  Dan asks John what he does.  He loves Twitter, too.  It’s a giant conversation and you can see everything and jump in.  In general, he sees social media as a giant party with different rooms, each with different rules and norms.  

0:21:41  Dan asks Jerry what he does.  He likes Twitter the best, but uses them all.  With LinkedIn, people don’t disappear.  He uses Twitter to call attention to what he does.  He’s a photographer and uses them to promote himself indirectly.

0:23:23  When Jerry follows somebody on Twitter, he acknowledges when he’s “followed” back and sends a link to his demo.

0:24:10  Dan and George comment on the variety of perspectives.  

0:24:30  Derek uses HootSuite to organize Twitter.  He’ll also follow back and provide a link to more information.  He’s started relationships with production companies in a more friendly way.  He also has had VO friends refer him for jobs.  It’s about fostering relationships.  

0:27:34  Jerry talks about blogs.  His blogs start with an audio version of him doing the blog via SoundCloud.  

0:28:27  Lisa is pressed for time to even do a written blog.  She tells the story of a client who wanted her to cast for a job she had.  She used social media to search for people.  She couldn’t find contact information on some people’s social media pages.  

0:31:39  Break

0:33:37  They’re back.  

0:34:30  Lisa says kids use Twitter for “open texting.”  

0:35:21  George tells about a ringtone kids used that older people couldn’t hear.

0:36:00  George asks what has happened to Facebook to make it less attractive.  Jerry comments that you have to pay for larger reach.  Derek says Facebook is now the pay-to-play of social media.

0:37:20  Dan asks if buying “likes” is pointless.  Discussion follows.

0:38:25  Derek puts something on his Facebook business page.  And then he shares with his personal pages, which is free way to get his business page out there.

0:39:16  Jerry gets better reach when he puts a link as a comment instead of a post.  Derek feels Facebook is secretive.  Twitter is open and out there.  George says features on Twitter come from users.

0:40:58  John says once Facebook tried to monetize everything, it turned into “click bate.”

0:41:37  Dan asks if social media actually generates work.

0:42:16  Trish uses TweetDeck https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/ to for things like “need female voice talent” and TweetDeck finds those words anytime they appear.  Her biggest clients have come from Twitter five years ago.

0:43:52  Derek says you still have to do the searching for clients.  He explains the client research he does.  He’s created copy for potential clients and sent that to them as an audition based on his research.  He was careful not to criticize existing client voicing.

0:47:09  Trish talks about HootSuite https://hootsuite.com/ and her many, many social media accounts.  

0:49:33  John talks about Jab, Jab Right Hook about the languages each social media site uses. http://alturl.com/7osix

0:50:00  Lisa describes the differences between sites.  She doesn’t like nonstop promotion on Twitter, for example.  Don’t forget the human connection.

0:52:45  Break

0:53:59  They’re back after the Sponge Bob message.

0:54:20  Dan talks about the “time suck.”

0:55:07  How do you stop social media from being a “time suck”?  Jerry gives his tips.  

0:56:24  John likes BufferApp.com, for scheduling Tweets when most of your followers are on.  He also likes http://www.tweriod.com/ for scheduling tweets.

0:57:52   Lisa talks about managing her social media time being a full time mom.  Keep an eye on scheduled tweets when current events intercede and make them inappropriate.  She has to be careful and disciplined to manage her work and time.

1:00:25   Dan asks Derek how he does it.  He uses HootSuite to schedule blogs.  If you find the right tools, you eliminate the time suck.  He also uses timing for tweeting in other time zones in other parts of the world.  Get it done and get out.  He likes Twitter for current events.

1:02:39  George asks if anyone has used SocialOomph (https://www.socialoomph.com/)?  George says it takes scheduling to another level.  It can rotate through pre-loaded tweets.  

1:03:34  Jerry asks “Can you tweet too much?”  Derek says yes, especially if you’re self-promoting.  He talks about Trish’s approach with Twitter with 30% business and 70% personal.  He asks, why not share your humanity?

1:05:07  George talks about queueing up tips on SocialOomph.  

1:06:15  Dan asks if that got him business.  

1:06:50  Jerry says sharing good things you find is helpful to people.  

1:07:25  John calls it “content marketing.”  You feed content into the machine for your target audience.

1:08:12  Derek has built his social media “friends” that way.  He then talks about a book called “Launch,” by Michael Stelzner  http://alturl.com/w8jny   and how sharing with others creates relationships.

1:09:28  Questions from the audience:  Q: Personal Social Media vs. Dedicated VO Brands.  How do you separate those or do you need to?  A: Lisa doesn’t share info about her kids.  She recycles her writings from time to time.  

1:12:31  John restates the question: do you promote yourself on a personal page or a professional page?  He talks about how personal our voice and brand are.  So, on Twitter he combines it.  On Facebook, he does have a business page mainly for his demos.  And then he watches what he says on his Facebook personal page.  

1:14:25  Jerry keeps things separate.  George asks if you can automate dealing with “likes” on your personal page.

1:15:12  Derek says discretion is key.  

1:16:22  Jerry keeps his timeline on Facebook clean.  He deletes old posts.

1:16:49  Harlan Hogan break.

1:19:04  Back to questions.  Q: Google Analytics and how do we quantify the return on investment?  

1:19:34:  Trish doesn’t.  She explains.

1:21:03  Q: “The way to make money in social media is to make advocates.  And I make advocates by….”

1:21:24  A: Derek tries to show clients that he knows what he’s doing.  

1:22:16  Jerry is big fan of sharing the wealth and advocates for the people he does business with.  Then they become return clients.

1:23:04  Lisa doesn’t use day-to-day Twitter for getting business.  To her, being a good advocate for her customers is being reliable and have them come back to her.  

1:24:12  Trish goes back to question about separate pages.  She can’t imagine using Twitter for personal reasons!  That’s what Facebook is for, in her view.

1:26:39  John says it’s relationship building, starting on social media.

1:27:10  Dan starts a lightning round for pet peeves on social media.

1:27:31  John: Blatant nonstop self promotion.

1:27:50  Trish—reposting the same thing over and over on Twitter.  It doesn’t create interaction.

1:28:33  Lisa: constant self promotion on Twitter, especially in politics, and no communications because of scheduled tweets.

1:29:42  Jerry: negativity without something good to say in between.

1:30:02  Derek, 1) don’t beg for likes for no reason; 2) Blogs with no last name, no link; and 3) people who don’t post in groups, but only comment with negative comments and start a problem.  Post something original every once in a while.  Trish doesn’t like people who post but don’t comment.

1:30:59  George: humble braggers.  “I just booked a job with…”  It’s overdone.  Post things more helpful to the community.

1:32:00  Dan says Derek’s #3 is his #1: people who want to participate in the Monty Python Argument Clinic (Yes I do; No you don’t) or incredibly passive aggressively throwing out bait.

1:32:48  Dan thanks the group.

1:33:42  Plug time:  John follow him on Twitter and his blog (voiceovergenie.com/blog).  

1:34:05  Trish: voiceovercafe.org  where she and others have guests.

1:34:33  Lisa: lisaricevoice.com  Follow her on Twitter.  She follows back.

1:34:57  Jerry: JerryReed.com , Jerry’s Voice is the blog, and his brand “Warm Tone, Natural Finish,” which he just trademarked.

1:35:27  Derek  thevoiceofyourbusiness.com/blog

1:36:50  Derek says we didn’t talk about YouTube at all as a platform.  George suggests a show all about YouTube.

1:37:41  Break for VoiceOverXtra and Voice2014.

1:40:40   Whence came these two radiant celestial brothers clip.

1:40:55  They’re back.  

1:41:11  Donors thanks especially for sustaining donations.

1:41:48  EWABS Clickers still for sale.  

1:42:09  George talks about the clicker debate on the audiobook page on Facebook.

1:42:30  Future shows: dark next Monday.  

1:43:12   Sept. 8-Voice2014 show will air.

1:43:23   Sept. 15: Fan Roundtable.  Limit 25.

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1:45:03  Thanks to the sponsors: Harlan Hogan, VoiceOverXtra, Edge Studio.

1:45:30  Thanks to wives and Dan’s mom, and the staff.  Kathy Curriden the show producer, Jack de Golia for show notes, Tim McKean for EWABS Essentials, and Lee Pinney for the podcast.

1:46:20  A new record for show length!

1:48:16  End of show