EWABS Episode 157 September 15, 2014 Fan Roundtable




Show Log

Episode 157, September 15, 2014

Fan Round Table (audio only)

0:01:40   The show begins after the intro.  George is at Laurie Allen’s home trying to make it all work.

0:03:22  Anthony Gettig has the first topic.  What’s the state of portable studio technology?  George and Dan discuss.

0:04:14  Dan talks about the limitations of on-the-road recording.  

0:05:23  George’s opinion.  

0:06:13  After some sound issues, George continues.

0:07:39  Anthony reports loss of audio to UStream.  Pondering.

0:08:08  The audio returns to the stream.

0:09:09  Video issues.

0:09:50  A participants asks if people are using Zoom for phone patch purposes.  Dan comments on Zoom’s stability.  George doesn’t see it being used much in VO production.

0:12:15  UStream and broadcast issues surface again.

0:13:52   Karyn asks for TwistedWave tips.

0:14:11   Kevin: Buy George’s plug-ins.  Also: iZotope RX4.

0:14:55  Dan says it’s important to thwart mouth noises physically.

0:15:10  Jack tells about a colleague who moved from the desert to Vancouver, BC, and lost her mouth clicks.  He talks about incorporating iZotope’s DeCrackler into George’s effect stack.

0:15:40  Ann talks about finding all the breaths using the Detect Silence features.  Jack adds using the command to shrink space.

0:16:14  Anthony encourages TwistedWave users to use the keyboard shortcuts feature.

0:17:36  Jack asks Karyn if she has used the ClipFile feature.  

0:18:30  Break

0:19:30  David Bonnel from Albuquerque, calling in from his car, talks about wanting a booth.

0:21:05  Anthony talks about starting with a similar space and using Studio Suit.

0:22:25  Staple guns and shower curtains

0:22:56  Edward shows his studio suit set up.

0:23:40  Karyn showers her shower curtain rings for Studio Suit.

0:24:01  Edward talks about tuning your room, one sheet at a time.  He talks about hanging the sheets on aircraft cable.

0:25:43  Introductions: Kevin Scheuller, Dayton, Ohio; Jack de Golia, Henderson, Nevada; Karyn O’Bryant, Pasadena, Calif.; Anthony Gettig, Ionia, Michigan; David Bonnal, Albuquerque, N.M.; Reen Vogel, Nashville, Tenn.; Ed Waldorph, Mobile, Ala.; Ann Richardson, Pleasanton, Calif.; Dave Smith, Henderson, Nevada; Kiki Baker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Scott Chambers, Gadsen, Ala.; Bill Russell, Nashville, Tenn.; Sam Fleming,

0:28:37  Break on top of introductions

0:29:30   George announces that Steven is recording the audio.

0:30:00   Bill Russell says hello.

0:30:58  Reen, a “newbie,” has questions about Audacity and courses about technical aspects of recording.

0:31:30  Dan offers his thoughts.

0:31:15  What about general “stuff”?  Discussion is interrupted by pounding sounds.

0:33:42  Ann Richardson suggests Guitar Center.  

0:34:38  George gives another view.

0:35:49  Kiki asks if the consultations cost.  Further discussion about learning opportunities.

0:36:59  Kiki follows up with more questions.  Discussion goes to Edge Studio coaching.

0:43:29  Break

0:44:40  Bill Russell talks from a noisy room as a security guard.  

0:45:40  Anthony likes local MeetUp groups.  He suggests people in Milwaukee and Nashville.

0:48:04  Scott Chambers asks how people feel about https://www.fiverr.com/

0:49:00  Dan begins to commentary.  

0:49:41  Another participant who is on fiverr gives another view.  He used it to jump start connections with clients and then get gigs at better rates.

0:50:54  You can set your own rates from $5 to $50.  Discussion ensues.  They debate having income versus not.  

0:54:11  George talks about moving to L.A. and doing sound jobs for free to start with.  He talks about how complicated it is now to know what’s professional.  

0:56:39  CRM tools?  Anthony uses onepagecrm.com.  There are new ones: Vox Tools, http://voxtools.com/  and Audio Helm.  Other services discussed, including https://www.zoho.com/crm/  

0:59:09  George talks about Hub Spot, http://www.hubspot.com/, a service used by Edge Studios.  They use it to tie social media, contacts database, and sales together.  

0:59:45  Ed talks about Vox Tools which is new and it’s focussed on commercial VO.

1:00:22   Anthony says “customer relations management” or CRM is something you have to take care of.  

1:03:09  One participant talks about what this business really is.

1:04:15  The question of having an agent gets addressed.  

1:06:15  Break

1:06:44  Bill talks about signing for an agent and using Jonathan Tilley’s list development.

1:08:40  Time for parting shots and plugs

1:09:00  Karyn O’Bryant, http://www.karynobryant.com/

1:09:24  Scott Chambers.  He also plugs Jay Holland.

1:09:46  Sam with http://www.ivoicetoday.com/

1:10:01  Bill Russell: http://www.billrussellvoiceactor.com/

1:10:26  Kevin Scheuller  http://www.stellarvoice.com/

1:10:53  Ed Waldorf, www.ed-vo.com/

1:11:20  Ann Richardson, http://www.annmrichardson.com/

1:12:24  Dave Smith, website coming soon.

1:12:46  Kiki.  She’s on Facebook and Twitter.  

1:13:48  Reen.  http://www.reenvogel.com/

1:14:16  David Bonnel.  

1:14:50  Steve Gonzalez. http://www.stevengonzalesvo.com/

1:15:37  Steve

1:15:50  Anthony Gettig, http://www.gettig.net/

1:17:00  Carey

1:18:27  Group sign off followed by lots of noises.

1:29:10  End of show.