EWABS Episode 156 September 8, 2014 VOICE 2014 Special



Show Log

Episode 156, September 8, 2014

Clips from Voice2014

0:01:52   They begin.  

0:03:00   Dan outlines the show to come.

0:03:45  The Red Carpet Reception, the first night.

0:05:46  Dan with Diane Merritt and Jen Davis.  

0:06:43  Dan with Julie Williams on VO ethics.

0:07:36  Bill Holmes and Dan.

0:07:59  Fred Melamed and Dan.

0:10:19  Dan with Beau Bridgland from the U.K.

0:11:15  Dan with Ed Asner.

0:11:55  End of this clip.

0:12:20  Dan tells an elevator story about Ed Asner and Pat Fraley.

0:14:09  Break.

0:15:30  They’re back.  

0:16:36  The live EWABS show at Voice2014.

0:19:26  Scott Brick joins the show.  He talks about his role at the conference and about current work.

0:27:20  Scott leaves, and Dan tells an embarrassing story.  

0:28:45  Larry Davis comes on stage.  He’s here to learn self direction and tells about his current work, including Morgan Freeman ADR.  He’s also does Madden game voicing and gives some examples.

0:33:35  Larry does Morgan Freeman.

0:34:12  Break.  

0:35:53  They’re back with a live audience!  Dan walks into the audience.

0:37:02  Esther has a question—name change when Dan moves to the west coast.  

0:37:46  A VO actor has a yeti, what can she do to step it up?  Dan talks about keeping it simple.  

0:39:10  George asks what problems she’s trying to solve?  GAS—Gear Acquisition Syndrome: don’t succumb.

0:40:03  Steve asks about ISDN and SourceConnect.  George says its inevitable.  Dan thinks it will be dominoes.  

0:41:42  Denise Chamberlain thanks Dan for helping with her microphone.  She asks about the difference between a condenser and dynamic microphone.  Dynamic mics are designed to be spoken to very close, a live performance and broadcast mic.  Condenser mic hears more like the human ear.  She thought an RE-20 dynamic mic would work for audiobook work, but it’s not working out.  George comments.  

0:45:22  Susan Bernard: when will EWABS cover ventilation?  Dan addresses it.  George talks about using a cooler and block of ice.  

0:46:45  Susan thanks George and Dan for EWABS.

0:48:10  Dan says the real trick is not to panic.

0:48:42  Gerald asks about mics and boards.  Dan replies.  With a mono, single track voice, you don’t need a mixer.  You don’t buy expensive equipment to get work, you work to get better equipment.  George joins the discussion.

0:53:18  Walter Olsen: have you guys tested the Kaotica Eyeball.  Dan gives his opinion.   George discusses his testing of the Eyeball.  

0:55:43  Dan introduces another guest, Rodney Saulsberry, who talks about the session he’s about to lead.  He works a lot for Telemundo.  Dan asks him what he likes about Voice2014.

0:59:04  Break  

1:00:16  They’re back.   

1:01:06  Voice Over Essentials’ Porta Booths.  

1:04:45  Ella says hello.

1:05:00  George shows a few photos of Ella at Voice 2014.

1:05:48  The Garden Party (with music by Ricky Nelson).

1:06:20  Curt Byk, who helps organize the event.  

1:07:10  Dan meets Rebecca Davis.  And she does a promo!

1:09:32  Scott Boyer at the Garden Party and a mustache duality.  Baritone test pattern.

1:10:24  Joe Loesch and they order a beer.  The bartender recommends a rum and Coke with ice cream for George.

1:12:56  Break.  VoiceOverXtra.

1:13:26  They’re back.  The final package.

1:13:52  Dean Panaro, Abrams Talent Agent, is presented with a problem to discuss at a Voice2014 session.  

1:16:48  Terrace Talk vendor area.  Diana Birdsall, winner of the EWABS demo derby.  She describes working with Chuck Duran to make the demos.  

1:19:33 Jonathan Tilley, who is based in Germany.  He talks about how he came to live in Germany and his League of List Builders program.  http://leagueoflistbuilders.com/

1:21:55  The hypnotist.  

1:23:17  Gibberish

1:23:52  Vendor visits: http://voxtees.biz/.  Erica Garcia describes her business of providing VO accessories.

1:25:27  They’re back.  

1:26:17  Next week: Fan Roundtable.  Twenty-five can participate.  Write to ewabshop@gmail.com to ask to join the show.

1:28:08  Donors thanked.  

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1:32:00  Voice2014 ALS Bucket Challenge.

1:34:22  End of show.