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VOBS Episode 202 with Marc Grau

March 15, 2021
Let's talk to Marc Graue About Voice Over Demos! And a lot of other stuff..
At Voice Over Body Shop, As We Celebrate 10 Glorious Years Bringing You The People And Information You Need To Succeed, We Bring You A Talk With “The Dean Of Voice Over,” Mr. Marc Graue!
As the owner of the Legendary Marc Graue Voice Over Studios, a Burbank California landmark for over 35 years, Marc has worked with Hollywood's elite voice talent for over four decades.
As a Voice Actor you can hear him as one of the iconic pirate voices on Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride seen & heard by millions daily, Alaska State Troopers, Promos for Shark Week, DC'c Legends Of Tomorrow, Cartoon Network & Nickelodeon, parodies for Jimmy Kimmel Live & Real Time with Bill Maher and hundreds of cartoons and Video Games.
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