VOBS EP 94, October 2nd, 2017 - Lisa Orkin



Lisa Orkin, Creative Director at Radio Ranch,  Voice actor, Humorist and Podcaster joins George and Dan on Voice Over Body Shop

VOBS EP 93, September 25, 2017, Tish Hicks of VODOJO



Tish Hicks from the VO DOJO joins George and Dan on Voice Over Body Shop

VOBS EP 92 with guest Fred Frees



Voice actor Fred Frees joins Dan and George to talk about his career, His famous Dad, character voice actor Paul Frees (Boris Badenov, Fearless Leader, The pillsbury doughboy et. al) and his new podcast The Voice Peddler Interviews. Plus the tech stuff only Dan and George can deliver!

VOBS Ep 91 September 11, 2017: VO Agent Alliance



Agent Erik Sheppard of Voice Talent Productions and agent Carol Rathe of Go Voices of the VO Agent Alliance tell all about why they helped form the alliance against Voices.com and Voicebank.net.  #voicestrong

VOBS EP 90 August 28, 2017: Fan RoundTable



We cover a WIDE range of topics on this episode of VOBS, from mic choices to audio interfaces to how to better market using social media.  Larry Hudson, David Davis and JE Burton join us on Zoom and we get questions from Maxine Dunn, Steven Gonzales, Tracy Reynolds, Jack DeGolia, Don White

VOBS EP 89, August 21, 2017 - V.O. Actor Phil Proctor



Veteran Voice Over Actor from Firesign Theater Phil Proctor drops by Voice Over Body Shop to discuss his career and give advice to voice over actors.

VOBS EP 87, August 7, 2017 Karen Saltus with a mobile VO studio



Voice actor Karen Saltus shares her tails from the road, the experiences creating a mobile studio, and why she did it!

VOBS EP 88, August 14, 2017 - VO Agent Jeffrey Umberger



Voice Over Talent Agent Jeffrey Umberger joins Voice Over Body Shop to discuss the merger of Voices.com and Voicebank.net

VOBS EP 86, July 31, 2017 - V.O. Casting Director & Coach Sara Jane Sherman



Animation Voice Over Casting Director and Voice Over Coach Sara Jane Sherman joins Dan and George in the Studio to discuss what she looks for when casting for Voice Over Roles.  

VOBS EP 85 - Randy Brown and John Kuehne of Vizzie Demos



John Kuehne and Randy Brown of Vizzie Visual Demos joins Voice Over Body Shop 

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