EWABS Episode 148 with John Melley



Episode 148, June 30, 2014

John Melley on Marketing VO

George on noise reduction on the mic side

Dan will talk about normalization

0:00:44  Show opens

0:02:26  What is wrong with this picture?  You CAN snowmobile the beaches of Puerto Rico.

0:04:13  Microphone choice affects exterior noise.  George discusses.

Band-aids are common, but if you can eliminate the noise from the source.  Use a mic that rejects noise.  Mics not good at this: omni-directional mics.

0:05:32  Cardioid mics are the most common VO mic tend to pick more of what’s in front.  Supercardioids and hypercardioids tend to have a more limited pickup pattern and will pick up less noise.

0:06:37  Shotgun mics are the first that come to mind that do reject background noise, but they’re not miracle solutions.  They pick up a “node” of what’s behind the mic.  

0:07:26  These mics are more sensitive, that means more sensitive to noise in their pickup patterns.  So, positioning these mics is key.  

0:07:56  George shows dead zone for his AT-875R shotgun mic. http://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-AT875R-Short-Shotgun-Microphone/dp/B000BQ79W0

 He goes on to say it’s one of the most affordable shotgun mics around $150.

0:08:39  Dan’s mic is the CAD-E100S.  It looks like a typical cardioid.  It’s a super-cardioid that reflects the style of a shotgun mic.  See sample at http://alturl.com/6xq26

0:09:36  If you have severe noise issues, then you can lean toward a dyanmic mic, Shure SM7B for example.  See sample at http://www.fullcompass.com/product/270444.html?gclid=COihtKqnpL8CFQGmaQodWU4A_g

0:10:12  This mic is designed to be used very close.  

0:10:35  Another way to solve the issue is to use a ribbon mic and using it sideways and speaking over the top of it.  This is just a way to “think outside the box.”  

0:12:46  Dan joins the conversation.  

0:14:16  Break

0:15:46  Question from Shelley Avellino: what mic would you get, George?  He has never gravitated to the most expensive mics.  He loves his AT-875R.

0:17:06  George asks Dan what his “if money was no object” mic would be.  Dan has them all already!  

0:18:42  Happy Canada Day!

0:18:56  Tip of the Week on Normalization (video).  Dan’s tip is to normalize after processing and to record as loud as you can without overmodulating.  

0:24:26  George’s approach is to normalize first, doing the processing, and then normalize again.

0:24:56  George says it’s really a volume control.  It’s good for minor adjustments.  HJe also asks about the role RMS normalization is playings  See his Whittam’s World (episode 34) about LUFs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tYNR1hjCio   We could see an average RMS normalizing instead of peak normalizing.  Be careful with RMS, stick with peak normalizing.

0:27:46  Break

0:29:10  They’re back with John Melley from Boston.  

0:29:55  John tells the story how he got into voice-over.  He quoted Woody Allen: 80 percent of success is showing up.

0:32:33  John’s tack on VO marketing.  

0:33:27  Are you a commodity?  What do you offer?

0:34:26  How can I get clients come to me?  How to be the only guy in the room?

0:35:20  Dan asks how John does this.  John talks about using your own story.  

0:36:16  Part of cutting through the clutter is standing out with your product.  Right Angle Marketing.  Create a product that interests people at various conferences.   For example, he was noticing a lot of work from dentists.  How can he work with dentists?  He went to a dental conference, set up a booth, and he was the only VO actor in the room.

0:39:26  Dan asks what kind of product was it.  It’s an infomercial.  John explains.

0:41:16  How do you find these niches?  Use your own personal story as a marketing tool.  He’ll send his story to prospective clients.  It also triggers memories of things you’ve done that you have expertise in.

0:42:14  How can I make money now and raise my rates later?  Create a product in an area you already have expertise in.  Later you can refer to your body of work and charge a higher price.

0:43:46  Dan points out this creates products you can get paid for over and over.

0:44:16  There’s nobody in this business who didn’t do something else.  

0:45:16  Dan asked John about sending out cards, referring to the EWABS marketing roundtable a few weeks ago.  John said Thanksgiving is a good time since no one is doing it then.  

0:46:31  Dan asks John about his webinar at VoiceOverXtra.  It’s on July 9.  http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs110/1102478472127/archive/1117689104469.html

John will go through the math of the business so you can really make money.

0:49:05  Harlan Hogan promotional message.  Dan shows the HH headphones.  You’ll hear yourself as you exist.  They’re built to last.  http://voiceoveressentials.com/content/vo-headphone.htm  When you buy there, tell them EWABS sent you!

0:51:35  Questions from the chat room:

Q: where did you go to college; A: UM Amherst.  He enjoyed it, but found no closure in political science.

0:53:16  Dan asks about John’s podcast.  It’s at voiceovermarketingpodcast.com

0:54:20  Q: Yes, where there’s no competition in VO?  A: the key thing is finding an audience you know about.  John talks about finding your own niche.  Once you have a product it should continue to work for you.

0:55:31  George talks about his wife’s experience in photography and finding a niche in that, which turned out to be men in yoga.

0:56:29  John says “Riches in niches.”

0:56:56 Q: do you see a move to USB flash drives?  A: John sees mp3 but if you can package things in an interesting way, they’ll open it.  

0:58:12  John knows a guy who was mailing his promotional material in a bank bag.  

0:58:46  Marketing can be fun, tapping into your creativity.

0:59:28  Q: Does John sell his product online as well as at conventions?  A: Yes, and he also uses endorsed mailings.  He explains.  It’s all about the audience.

1:01:11  George asks about bobblehead dolls.  Laughs followed by a discussion.  He talked about Dan Kennedy who has a series of books called “No BS Marketing.”  One sample: http://alturl.com/8x7m8

1:03:46  If you do have a list, do mail all at once.  You should test the list and see if it’s working.  Crickets?  You miss and then try again.

1:04:26  Q: Your blog interviews are too short?  A: He’s respectful of his guests’ time.

1:06:04  Q: Do you market just marketing services or VO coaching?  A: He does some with usually local talent in person.

1:06:59  Q: How do you find the right person to contact?  A: John tries to network authentically.  Connect with folks naturally.

1:08:42  Q: Besides your thank-you cards what else do you use?  A: Printed, hardcopy newsletter.  He gets comments and work from doing that.  He had Jim Palmer, a newsletter guru on his podcast.  Palmer gave data comparing newsletters and email reading rates.  Write about yourself, what’s going on in your world.  People get caught up in characters and stories.  Newsletters keeps you in front of people.

1:11:36  John loves podcasts.  He uses his commute to listen.  There’s a podcast by Mark Melkoff called the Carson Podcast.  http://carsonpodcast.com/  On this one you hear about how standup comics prepared to get on The Tonight Show.  It’s great marketing training.

1:15:09  Break.  Voice 2014 featured.

1:18:17  They’re back.  

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