EWABS Episode70 November 4, 2012



Published on Nov 4, 2012 This week's special guest is: Lori Alan. Roles include Pearl the whale/SpongeBob, Diane the anchor woman/Family Guy, Chairy/Pee Wee's Playhouse, the fantastics, and others. www.Facebook.com/Loritalk

Dan returns this week from his seminar in Toronto.

All of our thoughts go out to the survivors of sandy and we're hoping for a speedy recovery for those hardest hit.

George's tech this week: Screen capture How it can help in your marketing efforts. For Mac you will need Quicktime, SoundFlower and an app called line in for monitoring.

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Dan's tip of the week: Broadcast Quality What is it ? What does it mean ? Professional quality audio, and what it means.

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Welcome this week's special guest: Lori Alan. www.Facebook.com/Loritalk

The guys share a bit of witty banter with Lorie, then discuss topics including: - SpongeBob SquarePants - Lori's on screen acting career, and how she got started in voice over. - How Lori comes from an extremely creative family and background. - The type of pieces Judy enjoys performing the most. - Improvisation - Some of Lori's more recent work, Hugglemonstors. - Lori's studio Versus time spent at the larger studios. - George's work on Lori's home studio. - Lori's plans to produce or direct.

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Dan shares about his recent meet up with Pat Sweeney, complete with studio pics. Pat's studio features an acoustical cloud.

The guys talk a bit about "proofing" audio books.

George's Tech Tid-Bits: What's the technical take on the new Windows 8 ? George's first impression of a convertible laptop, and the Lenovo surface vs. the ipad mini, and other options in this general category.

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Randye Kaye is also scheduled to be next week's special guest.

Coming soon: Chris Fries, and Tom Kenny

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