EWABS Episode 73 December 2, 2012



Published on Dec 2, 2012 Randye Kaye joins Dan and George this week on East West Audio Body Shop! Check out ewabs.com for more about the show, including show notes, logoware, more... ________________________________________­________________________________

This week's special guest is: Randye Kaye Screen actor, voice actor, voice over coach. http://www.randyekaye.com/ http://spokenwordinc.com/benbehindhis... https://www.facebook.com/randye.kaye

Also George will be shaving his him Movember stash live, before a chat audience.

This week was also the NYC VO mixer Randye will help fill us in on the event.

George's tech this week: Large diaphragm vs small diaphragm (shotgun) microphones. Pros and cons how each are used. Georgie also shows us a small lav Mike.

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Announcements: (Be sure to watch as George shave's his 'stash) George and Dan's team raised $ 2,595.00 dollars for men's cancer awareness. EWABS MINI Pop Filters - You should have all received an email from KCurriden coming soon to a mailbox near you!!! Don't forget to send us a pic of you with it!! Some of you have them already!! To follow EWABS please subscribe and like the EWABS facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/eastwest.aud... HolidayMagicCD.com - For Children's Hospitals around the country---connect with VO Talent Jeff Gelder--10 year anniversary. Dec 8 fundraiser in San Diego---go to holiday magic CD.com for more information. TIS the SEASON for SWAG- --EWABS Gift Giving!!http://Shop.EWABS.com EWABS announces new e-support membership pricing. Sign up for the remainder of 2012 for just $39.95 per month.

Dan's tip of the week: Auditions Important tips, what you should know.

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Welcome this week's special guest: Randye Kaye - Randye fills us in on the NYC mixer. - How Randye got started in voice over. - Randye shares her personal story of commitment to the industry. - Randye chairs a personal story of hope and a bit about her book / audiobook: "Ben behind his voices." - George asks randye to share her travel gear setup.... and other innovative techniques. - Randye discusses her coaching at edge studios. - Randye offers us her marketing perspective. - Randye also offers social media tips. - Randy's involvement with wovo, and the voiceover community in general. - Randy relates howl social media helps alleviate some of the alone time associated with long form narration. - Randy talks business and marketing relationships. - The guys invite Randye back in 2013.

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The guys reveal their plans for the show in 2013.

Next week's guest: Joan Baker

Also coming soon: The Voxey Ladies Deb Munroe George was recently at a party with Billy West who is also slated as a guest for 2013. December 23rd will be the EWABS Christmas hangout party.

George plays us a clip of Jim Cummings' remarkable singing skills. George was recently at a party with Billy West, who is also slated as a guest for 2013.

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