EWABS Episode 72 November 18th, 2012



Published on Nov 18, 2012 Chris Fries, commercial and video game voiceover joins us this week from his home studio via Skype. ________________________________________­___________________________________

Happy Thanksgiving everyone !

This week's special guest is: Chris Frieshttp://www.chrisfriesvoices.com/ Chris joins us this week from his home studio via Skype.

George's Tech this week: Traveling Voice Over Is it feasible for your genre of voice over ? What about connectivity on the road ? Some excellent advice from the guys.

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Dan's tip of the week: What's the best recording software ? Dan weighs in with several examples. George gives his opinion as well.

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Welcome this week's special guest: Chris Fries ,commercial and video game voice actor. http://www.chrisfriesvoices.com/

- Chris shares how he got involved in voice over. - How he advanced his career voice over - Chris once worked as a jailer on his way to full time VO. - How Scott Rummell acted as Chris' mentor. - George shares some video of Chris in the booth. - Which genres of work Chris works in. - Chris shares some of his work in video games. - Chris gives us a tour of his studio. - How Chris had to train for all the genres he services.

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Studio pic / clip of the week: Craig Bowershttp://craigbowersvo.com/ Featuring a unique curtain-like enclosure.

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