EWABS Episode 69 October 21, 2012


Published on Oct 22, 2012 This week's special guest is: Eric Smith, President, and Founder of Auralex Acoustics. http://www.auralex.com/

George, and Dan discuss the possibility of having a representative of ACX as a special guest.

George's Tech Tid-Bits: George shows us his "Ikea hack" standing desk. Thursday was George's birthday happy 39th George ! Visit George at vostudiotech.com

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Dan's tip of the week: Phone Patch Solutions. Where did phone patching come from ? What alternatives are available today ?

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Welcome this week's special guest: Eric Smith President, and Founder of Auralex Acoustics. http://www.auralex.com

Bill shares some of his rich and varied history in the audio industry. His past lives include: Radio personality, production director, talk show host, Voice Over talent. Bill shares how Auralex began. Bill describes how a Auralex is much greener, and user friendly today. Recycling as a part of the Auralex production process. Your ears, versus what the mic hears. Bill discusses is the free information available at acoustics101.com. New Auralex products in the making. Auralex goes both worldwide, and locally with some select products becoming available at HomeDepot.com. Bill discusses some Auralex product applications. George comments on the pre-design services available at the Auralex website. Bill shares his thoughts on room treatment for voice over. MoPads for your monitors. Bill and the guys share some mounting tips for those who rent, or don't want to mount Auralex directly to their walls etc. Portabooth and AuraLex.

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The guys field some viewer questions, and comments.

George introduces an extra special guest this week, his mom. George's mom shares the fun she's having on vacation there with George and family, complete with guest appearance by Ella, George's daughter.

Tune in to VO Buzz Weekly, and watch part one, of a two part interview with George.

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