EWABS Episode 68 October 14, 2012



This week's special guest is: Tara Strong My Little Pony, Rugrats, Hello Kitty, Many more credits, too many to list here. http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/Tara-Strong/ https://www.facebook.com/tara.strong.514

Also with special guest host: Dave Courvoisier from Las Vegas.

Dan attended Faffcon this weekend in Charlotte North Carolina, and will be on the return trip home. Dan's father in law recently passed away, Condolences Dan.

George, and Dave discuss their experiences at prior Faffcons. George, and Dave share that Faffcon will become a yearly event going forward.

Dave Showcases a brief comparison between the Mic Port Pro, and the Shure X2U. George compares Heil's USBQ version of the above.

Chat room viewer Diane Merritt asks about Dave's air turn, a remote, foot pedal, page turner. watch for upcoming reviews.

George discusses the MicroBook II interface.

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The new EWABS Mini Pop Stop is now available for ordering as a group buy. George explains.

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George, and Dave have a brief discussion regarding next week's guest Bill Smith of Auralex.

George will be on VO buzz weekly October 21st, and October 28th.

George discusses a chance to win a Charter Oak S700 mic. ....viewers should send a video to VO Buzz Weekly about why they love East West Audio Body Shop.

Gabby Nistico will be speaking in Dallas Texas October 20th.

George's birthday is Thursday, Happy Birthday George !

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Please welcome this week's special guest: Tara Strong.

George interviews Tara at her residence. George's wife Amy assists the production. Tara discusses how George aided in her studio's construction.

- Watch Tara audition from her studio. - Tara discusses how much work is done from home, versus larger production studios. - Tara shares her work flow, and how her home studio is a key element. - Tara shares some career stories. - Tara discusses her work on My Little Pony. - How Tara begin her career even as a child. - Tara performs a sample from Hello Kitty, and discusses her work on Rugrats. - George asks about Tara's usual day.

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George, and Dave discuss how genuine, and professional Tara is, and the talent of her children.

George shares that Tom Kenny voice of SpongeBob, is a potential future guest.

Dave relates some pertinent information regarding WOVO. the first round of invitations for applications are out.

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George relates that Focusrite has come out with the Itrack, a plugin interface for the iPad, mac, or pc.

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