EWABS Episode 67 October 7, 2012


This week's special guest is: Dave Fennoy "The HULU Guy !" Dave provides voices for commercials, narrations, TV voices, award shows, animations, and games. http://www.davefennoy.com/

George's Tech Tid-Bits This Week : Noise Reduction Techniques. The guys share how noise reduction works. How much is too much, noise gates, which should you use, and why.

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This week's announcements : The new EWABS mini pop stop is now available for pre order. Lightweight, portable, and effective. EWABS would like to announce E-support membership: Unlimited one on one help with Dan and George. Go to ewabs.com and look for the E- support link. Dan will be having a workshop in Toronto, along with Elley-Ray Hennessy, October 27th, and 28th .... address here.....

Dan's tip of the week : Computer Maintenance Several tips to clean up, and speed up your computer.

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Welcome this week's special guest : Dave Fennoy "The HULU Guy !". We join Dave in his home studio. Dave shares with us what his average day is like. The auditioning process. Audio books. How Dave got started. Dave's demo. Dave's microphone, and Booth. Other equipment. Is teaching also in Dave's VO future ? Dave's animation, and game demo.

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Tech news this week : Mountain lion has new updates. pro Tools now compatible with Mac. Both Dan, and George are now on Mac minis. A tech website George uses called Ifixit.com. Sony Sound Forge is now Mac compatible, though stripped down from the Windows version. George gives a quick review.

Dave Courvoisier will be guest host next week, as Dan still plans to attend FAFFCON. (Sorry to hear about your Father In Law Dan.) Dan will be reporting from FAFCON, provided he attends.

Next week's SPECIAL guest is to be announced. Oct. 21st Bill Smith of Auralex. Nov. 4th Lori Alan.

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