EWABS Episode 66 September 30, 2012


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Several of the regular viewers attended, and had questions or comments.

Hangout guests included: - Our Hosts: Dan Lenard and George Whittam - Patrick Sweeney - Graeme Spicer - Susan Bernard - Jerry Reed - William Cheung - Kevin Scheuller - David Bucci - Bob Hurley - Jason Lawson

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Google Hangout Topis Included: - Dan's recent work with Audacity. - Dan's webinar on Audacity is on Tue. Oct. 2nd at 9:00pm (EST) go to homevoiceoverstudio.com for details - Studio Six's iAudio interface. - Mobile recording setups in general. - EWABS debuts the new EWABS adjustable pop screen. (soon available at ewabs.com). - The EWABS corespondent contest is still open. - Studio Ventilation. - EWABS on the road, the guy's plan to tour select areas if enough people are interested. - Apogee and it's performance with baritone pitches. The guys say no problem. - More on the Apogee. - Focusrite Forte' - Frankenmic (Dan's vintage ribbon mic) - WOVO's progress. - Chatroom questions. - Android capabilities, though unfortunately no external mic interface. - Tuning off programs in ipad to save battery power. - Stay tuned at this point, George finally rejoins the in progress hangout. - George is consulting with Graeme Spicer on George's branding. - Shotgun mic, or super cardioid ?

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