EWABS Episode 65 September 23, 2012


Guest - Simon Vance This week's show is all about audiobooks.

This week's special guest is: Simon Vance "Monster" audiobook narrator. http://simonvance.com/

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Many things go into recording audio books, one of them is a good space to record in. Audiobook recording logistics, acoustics and noise.

Dan adds his experiences recording audio books.

George relates some market trends and the experience level necessary for entry into audiobook work.

Visit George at vostudiotech.com

This week's announcements: A special guest request goes out from the guys, to Maurice LaMarche.

VOAT's week 1 winners won a Focusrite virtual reference monitoring box, and a portable tripod.

Rowell Gormon won an EWABS Club membership.

EWABS also gave away a Clearspot 4G modem. and awarded a 2 hour marketing consultation with EWABS producer Katherine Curriden.

Oct. 2nd Dan will hold a webinar on Audacity. Go to the homevoiceoverstudio.com/ site under webinars. Or visit Voiceover Xtra http://www.voiceoverxtra.com.

Dan's tip of he week: Recording, and processing audio books. Dan demonstrates a hands on example of recording an audio book. Dan takes related questions from chat room viewers.

Visit Dan at homevoiceoverstudio.com/

Welcome this week's special guest: Simon Vance, winner of six Audie awards http://simonvance.com/

Simon shares his thoughts on editing for audio books, and how he began at BBC editing reel to reel.

Interview topics include: - Punch and roll, or precision editing ? - How Simon's career began. - Simon shares his acting background. - Simon estimates his audiobook count at 600 to 700 titles. - Which of his audio books was Simon's favorite ? - What of Simon's lost work ? - Viewers get a tour of Simon's home studio. - Simon shares how he works with digital copy. - What sort of preparation does Simon do ? - What do producers ask for in sound quality ? - Are there ever directors involved ? - Industry pay rates.

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This Week's Pics and Clips: Mike Bratton A studio bricks isolation booth from Spain, and audio clips.