EWABS Episode 164, November 3, 2014 with Townsend Coleman



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Episode 164, November 3, 2014

Guest: Townsend Coleman, voice of Michelangelo, one of the Teenage Mutant Turtles

George answers questions

Dan’s Tip of the Week will be about studio monitors

0:01:46  Here they are!

0:03:14  Sponsors: Harlan Hogan at VoiceOver Essentials, Edge Studio, and VoiceZam!

0:04:14  EWABS NEWS (minus the bumper).  George talks about the Behringer mixer, the XR12 X Air Mixer: http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/Xr12.aspx/.  It can be controlled remotely with any device.  The price is good, too.

0:05:28  Dan has news about Harlan Hogan’s new book, http://www.amazon.com/VO-Tales-Techniques-Voice-over-Actor/dp/1581152493  Hear excerpts at VoiceOverXtra.com

0:06:37 George says there’s a new Tesla museum being built in New Jersey.  igg.me/at/bricks-for-tesla/x

0:08:02  New sponsor, VoiceZam!  Find out SamFusion!

0:13:33  Dan and George are back.

0:13:57  Break.  Home Studio Master.

0:14:57  The Two Radiant Celestial Brothers.

0:15:12  They’re back with questions via SpeakPipe.

Q: A new VO actor wants advice on mic and preamp within his budget.

A: Dan says, start with basic gear.  Work on your mic technique, room acoustics, and performance first.  His super cheap mic sounds just FINE!  The new Scarlet Solo might be an option.  The VO1-A from Harlan Hogan might work, and others.  

0:19:27  Q: How do I connect Apollo Twin Duo to a hardware mixer.  A: George gives the details.

0:23:40  Tip of the Week: Studio Monitors.  Dan talks about “Close field monitors” and the limitations of headphones.  

0:27:36  George talks about how headphones can help.  He prefers them for audiobook production because the end-user will likely hear the audio that way.  Hear more on Whittam’s World, Episode 46.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fWtpoQGOxY where George talks about monitors and headphones pluses and minuses.

0:28:53  Break.  VO Studio Tech.  Spongebob.

0:30:25  They’re back, in hysterics!  Townsend Coleman is the fun guest.

0:32:00  Dan runs through Townsend’s credits.  

0:33:16  Townsend tells how he got into VO.

0:35:42  Dan asks if Townsend’s work in promo led him to animation?

0:40:24  Townsend tells about how he knew Don LaFontaine.  He and George reminisce.    

0:45:10  Dan asks Townsend about his personal studio use.  Townsend tells about his current work.

0:46:00  George asks Townsend what his chain is.  His main mic is a 416.  He likes keeping it simple.

0:47:59  George asks him if makes use of preset modes available.  

0:51:35  Dan asks what Townsend has going on now.

0:54:04  Never burn a bridge!

0:54:41  Harlan Hogan time: VoiceOverEssentials.com, a great resource.

0:58:27  Q&A session.  Q: What was your “life in a day” with TMNT?  A: Townsend tells ninja turtle stories.

1:02:07  Q: Did the folks at DIC make life miserable for voice talent?  A: Townsend replies.

1:04:42  Q: What character was the most difficult to create?  A: The ones he didn’t get.

1:07:22  Q: What time of year is the best time to market to people who hire promo voices?  A: interesting answer!

1:09:03  Q: Do you do dark dramatic promo or just comedy?  A: He explains.

1:10:42  Q: Is it still an exclusive club in L.A.?  A: Townsend tells the story.  You don’t have to be in L.A., except for animation.  

1:12:18  When it comes to the networks, it’s still pretty rarified.  

1:14:16   Q: Is there room for women in promo?

1:15:31  Q: How do you warm up your voice.  A: He demonstrates.

1:17:39  Q: Does animation ever abuse your voice when you scream?

1:18:19  Be careful not audition with a character that pinches your voice that you can’t sustain.

1:18:50  George asks if Townsend is a musician?

1:22:51  KOWABUNGA!

1:23:08  Dan asks if Townsend teaches?  He does with Samantha Paris in Sausalito, Calif.  http://voicetraxsf.com/

1:24:11  Break.  

1:24:57  VoiceZam ad.

1:25:59  VoiceOverXtra

1:26:34  They’re back.  

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1:32:52  Thanks to the wives and staff.

1:33:47  Dan wants to leave us with something: his son Jacob’s animated short.

1:34:30  Jacob Lenard’s animation.

1:36:40  End of show.