EWABS Episode 163 October 27, 2014 with Chris Heward



Show Log

Episode 163, October 27, 2014

Guest: Chris Heward, comedian

0:02:00  They’re on, George, Dan, and Chris.

0:02:46  Thanks to our sponsors, Harlan Hogan, Edge Studios.

0:03:57  The news (bumper needed!)

0:04:07  George talks about Yosemite, the latest Apple operating system.  See the EWABS Facebook group to see how it’s working for people.

0:05:46  Harry Schearer is now teaching VO.  http://harryshearer.com/  He’s the artist in residence at Loyola University.

0:06:57  George talks about the new Acon Digital app for getting rid of clicks.  It’s called the “Restoration Suite” for getting rid of clicks, clips and a de-noiser, all for $99.  http://acondigital.com/products/restoration-suite/

0:07:59  World Voices Organization (WoVO) held it’s annual meeting online last week.  This year’s accomplishments: 501c status, first conference, meetup groups worldwide, new slogan (“We speak for those who speak for a living”), new logo, new job search site, new organization website, reference materials, and membership doubled in the last year.  Coming soon: Tech certification of personal studios.  

0:10:49  George takes care of a question from last week about the Avalon mic pre-amp.  It’s complicated, and George sorts through it.   “If it sounds good it is good.”  One option: The Behringer UCA 202 http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/UCA202.aspx or you have spend a lot more money.  The Apogee duet analog to digital converter is in the middle, about $600.

0:13:42  Dan shows the iTrack Solo.  The high-end gear is for rock musicians.  

0:14:31  Jerry Reed asks how to record while Skyping in Linux.  George replies.  He uses Call Recorder by Ecamm (http://www.ecamm.com/mac/callrecorder/), which is for Mac.  On Windows, George likes Pamela for Skype: http://www.pamela.biz/en/  

0:16:11  Break.  Home Studio Master.  SpongeBob.  

0:17:42  Dan is back-k-k-k.  Discussion of Halloween in Hollywood.

0:18:40  Q: Considering no rumble, hum or buzz, isn’t -60 dB an acceptable noise floor.  A: Yes and no.  -60 Peak vs. -60 RMS are quite different.

0:19:44  George’s video may answer this question.  

0:20:15  The Whittam’s World episode (Ep. 4) on reducing noise floor.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F2Qm0h2VZo

0:24:42  After the video, George continues the discussion.  

0:25:22  George talks about how he takes an audio sample of a studio.  

0:25:53  George tells how to record room tone.  Hit record, leave the room, and when you return, trim off the part where you were leaving.

0:27:08  Break.  VO Studio Tech, Spongebob again, and then Uncle Roy in his restored car.

0:29:20  Dan recovers from the curve ball.  

0:29:47  Chris Heward, from Edmunton, Alberta, Canada.  He talks about his work in stand up comedy.  

0:34:02  Dan asks what it’s like hanging out with other comedians.  Chris tells the tale.

0:37:33  Chris realizes he wanted to try acting and started taking lessons.  He hit voice-over and got a job from his very first audition.  Chris tells some fun stories about his work.

0:40:28  Chris tells the story about working for a filmmaker who turned out to be a serial killer.  Chris spent 3 weeks knowing the police were gathering information and having a deadline for him to come up with money for the film.

0:44:59  Chris was on some US TV shows about the incident.

0:46:19  George asked how this whole experience influenced Chris’ VO career.  Chris contacted George and asked him about gear.  Chris decided to go online to find out what Don Lafontaine had in his studio.  Chris finally found George who told him not to buy expensive gear.  

0:48:57  Dan asks what Chris has in his studio.  Gear talk ensues.  Chris geared up before he thought about having a studio.

0:51:38  And the moral of the story…followed by more gear talk.

0:52:52  Chris talks about finding a VO coach.  He ended up doing a show at the Laugh Factory and now it’s his “home club.”  He met MJ Lallo who coached him a real short notice.  

0:55:42  Break.  VoiceOverXtra.com.   A bumper for Studio Suit.  

0:57:07  The radiant, celestial brothers …

0:57:22  They’re back.

0:57:47   The Harlan Hogan moment.  VoiceOverEssentials.com.  Chris is wearing Harlan Hogan headphones tonight.  “If you’re not using them, you’re just not listening.”

1:00:48  Questions start coming in, moderated by Anthony Gettig.

1:01:10  Q: Has Bill Holmes coaching helped?  A: Chris answered, talking about DJ work he’d done.  It was work to get back to his natural voice.  

1:02:58  Chris’ website comes up.  But it’s under construction.  Plus, he hasn’t done his demo yet!  He doesn’t have an agent either.  George refers to the EWABS Demo Demo Derby (EWABS Ep. 151, July 21, 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmaRYhThdpg)

1:06:04  Q: Anne Ganguzza asks who does his hair (Chris was a hair dresser) now?  A: He does, in a mirror.

1:07:07  Q What do you use the Manly mic for compared to the U87?  A: Chris explains.

1:08:07  Q: I’m pursuing on-camera work and VO, how do you manage the time?  A: he’s always on the go.  He’s got 3 careers, and he’s had lucky timing.   

1:09:48  George talks about a new VO actor who has started out with a too simple a mic.  Chris agrees with not spending a lot of money before you get work, but he values quality and saves to get it.

1:11:29  Q: How did you finance yourself before you got to LA?  A: as a hairdresser and a comedian, and now acting and VO.  

1:12:10  George talks about getting into synch with Chris for haircuts…and periods.  

1:12:45  George talks about what happens to VO actors after 10 years, and how careers take off.  Being an overnight success is hard to maintain.  

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1:16:05  Chris is about to release his first video.  

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1:17:45  Chris asks how important a VO actor website is.  George and Dan discuss.

1:19:44  Next week, no guest set yet.  

1:20:08  Chris comments on how nice the VO community is.  

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1:23:04  Sign off.

1:23:27  End of show.