EWABS Episode 161 October 13, 2014 with Randy Thomas



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Episode 161, October 13, 2014

Guest: Randy Thomas

George will have highlights from the AES Show

Dan’s tip of the week: normalization

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0:08:56  George shows a video from the AES show.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDdZVnJJMF0.  

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0:23:30  Dan’s tip of the week on normalizing.  

0:23:56  Tip of the Week: Normalization

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0:32:49   They’re back with Randy Thomas.

0:33:50   Dan asks for her background.  Randy tells the story of being a kid who loved radio who got into radio as a career.  That led to her booking voice-over for the Oscars, being the first woman to do this.

0:37:28  Randy describes her recording space and mixing paper and computer screens to read copy.

0:38:37  She talks about Entertainment Tonight and how her copy was taller than she is.  

0:39:35  Dan asks Randy how she made the transition from broadcasting to voice-over.  Randy does the Emmys, AFI, Oscars, SAG, Tonys.  She kicked the door open for women.  Other women now get the bookings.  

0:42:01  Dan asks what they’re looking for in these auditions.  They mostly wanted to know how she’d handle “live” before a huge audience.

0:43:09  Dan asks about subtleties of reading live for the Oscars.  Randy comments about how pre-recorded energy isn’t the same as live.

0:44:50  George talks about what it’s like in the control room during a live show.

0:45:18  Randy tells about a year she did the Oscars when Cuba Gooding Jr. pumped up the whole show with his energy.  She’s been at the Tonys the last 16 years and how that show has won Emmys for a live show.  

0:47:17  George asks what she hears in her headphones during the show.  Randy talks about hearing all the show cues from the director.  She gets the live feed in one side, and the other has the director.  Then, once she was cued, she swaps so she can hear herself enunciate.   

0:50:00  George talks about his first season doing tech for Eagles football games and how intense it was.

0:50:37  Randy adds that it’s a job staying focused and in the zone.

0:51:30  What about being on-camera while announcing live?

0:52:20  Dan asks what other work Randy does.  She describes her imaging work.

0:52:48  George asks Randy to explain “affiliate” work.  Discussion follows about intensity and deadlines.

0:54:20  Randy talks about long-form narration and how much work it is.  She likes working in a 15 or 30 second format.  But also likes exploring different forms of VO.

0:55:37  Dan talks about Randy’s teaching.  Randy talks about her daughter growing up and that led to her think about what’s next…She’s started doing public speaking and on her first big conference, “The VO Mastery Event,” Nov. 14-16.  http://www.randythomaspresents.com/

1:01:10  Edge and EWABS listeners there’s an extra $50 off the conference.  

1:02:05  Harlan Hogan time!  Hear about the great gear Harlan has for VO, including the signature headphones.

1:04:00  Randy tells about the sponsors of her conference and specials they’re offering, including audition opportunities and gear giveaways.

1:06:50  Q: What job has Randy done that she giggles about?  A: Oscars…and more.

1:07:57  Q: Did  you have trouble getting an agent at first?  A: Definitely.  She was a disc jockey.  That all changed when she booked the Oscars.  Today, there are many ways to go.  If you’re not union, you don’t really need an agent.  

1:09:12  Q: How do auditions work for live-announce gigs.  A: Different ways.  Any show from a particular city, belongs there.  E.g., Kennedy Center Honors, is done by D.C. area talent.  She originally got the Tonys while living in L.A.  An agent is key, BUT—a few years ago, the MTV awards were cast off an online site.  

1:11:22  Q: What’s your favorite chapter in Voice For Hire?  A: Randy explains.

1:12:19  Q: Are women better reading live with a voice in their ear?  A: Randy talks about Hooked on Phonics.  

1:14:40  Q: Is there one gig that stands out more than others?  A: Randy talks about being in the moment and working for Entertainment Tonight.  

1:18:20  Q: How do you prepare for a big live event?  A: Randy shows the book for this year’s Tonys.  She uses essential oils by Young Living Essential Oils, http://living-essential-oils.com/?gclid=COWAy8zCrMECFQqQaQodvGIAqg on her tongue or on her skin to relax her and keep her throat comfortable.  

1:23:00  Q: What’s your advice for women moving into promo?  A: She describes the options, especially looking locally at high-end hotels and conferences.  

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