EWABS Episode 158 September 22, 2014 with John Bailey



Episode 158, September 22, 2014

Guest: Jon Bailey

Whittam’s World on “gain staging”

Dan shows some FaffCon video

0:01:10  Intro audio begins.

0:01:52  They appear, both in George’s studio.  Together we’re worse!  

0:02:40  Dan tells his story about buying a house in So. California and not sleeping for days.

0:05:25  Dan shows FaffCon footage.

0:08:27  They’re back and talk more about FaffCon.

0:10:41  Break.  Home Studio Master video and SpongeBob.

0:12:02  They’re back.  George talks about gain staging.

0:13:06  Dan talks about why do I need a mixer?  Set it, forget it, move on.  You need a mixer when you have multiple sources, not just one mic.  

0:14:43  Whittam’s World, episode 43: Gain Staging.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvBJnVH7ZVM

0:26:23  They’re back.  George recaps.  Keep it simple.  

0:28:07  Break.  VO Studio Tech.  

0:29:34  They’re back with Jon Bailey, from Memphis, Tennessee.  http://www.jonbaileyvo.com/Pages/default.aspx

0:30:50  Dan asks Jon how he got started in VO.  

0:33:30  Dan asks Jon what genres he works in.

0:35:22  Jon talks about doing ADR (Automated dialogue replacement).  He and Dan and George discuss.

0:36:49  Jon much of his work from Memphis.  

0:37:32  Dan asks Jon about his favorite voices.  Jon likes Optimus Prime.  

0:38:30  Jon talks about “reverse engineering” to get to his character voices.

0:40:18  Dan says Jon did “W” a lot at FaffCon.  

0:41:00  George asks Jon about improv has helped his VO work.  

0:42:27   Dan talked about “ad libbing” your auditions.  Jon comments.  He does three takes: the first just like he thinks the client wants, second—goes with gut, third he just improvs and maybe not even what’s in the script.

0:43:34  Jon has a YouTube channel.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGCMI16WgJejAfG60N4Nhyg  He’s gotten work from it.  And he has free tutorials there.  His first manager found him through it.  

0:47:06  Harlan Hogan VO Essentials time.  http://voiceoveressentials.com/.  New: MixerFace, a preamp, coming soon.

0:51:16  “What’s the longest voice match you’ve had to do?”  George asks Jon.  

0:52:34  What do you use in your studio?  Jon describes and lists his gear.  It’s a simple setup.

0:54:05  Dan tries to introduce questions from the chat room.

Q: Do people do voice-match demos?  

0:54:30  Jon answers.

0:55:42  Q Would you do Carl?  A: Jon does two!

0:56:57  Q Do you do Jess Parnell?  A: Yes and more…

0:57:55  Q What do you do to warm up and prepare.  Jon answers.  He’s got a music background that’s key to voice matching.

1:00:05  Dan asks if Jon coaches or teaches.  Jon describes his work.  

1:02:03  Q Do you do Steve Corell?  

1:02:30  Can you come to Nashville to do a class?  Yes!  He also coaches online.

1:03:39  Break.  Voice Over Xtra plus a bumper.

1:05:00  They’re back.  Jon improvs a drop.  

1:05:45  Thanks to the donors.  There’s improv on what it’s like to call Dan’s cell phone only to reach his wife.

1:07:45  Clickers!  A few are left…they’re phasing out.  

1:08:12  Sept. 29 Marc Cashman will be on the show.  He’ll talk about his new book, “V-Oh!”


1:08:56  Oct. 6: Anthony Mendez.

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1:11:33  George talks like the Trailer Guy.  He then tells stories until Jon derails him.  Hilarity ensues.

1:14:20  Thanks to Jon.  On to VO Buzz Weekly!  Check out Jon’s YouTube channel at youtube.com/jon3pnt0

1:15:44  Happy birthday to VO actor June Foray on her 97th birthday.  

1:16:00  Sign off follow by

1:16:12  oops by the Smoothenator.

1:16:21 Previous EWABS clip with June.  She describes how she comes up with a character voices and describes her career.

1:19:20  Dan asks June what she’d like her legacy to be in voice-over.

1:20:37  End of show