EWABS Episode 150 with Bob Merkel of VoiceZam




Show Log

Episode 150, July 14, 2014

Guest: Bob Merkel from VoiceZam.

George will air a Whittam’s World on mic questions

And Dan will address the issue of audience participation.

0:01:16  Opening video.

0:01:57  Here they are.

0:03:20  Dan will be in L.A. for part of August.  

0:04:00  Thanks to the sponsors, Edge Studio, Harlan Hogan and VoiceOverXtra.

0:05:00  Here we are at episode 150 since March 20, 2011.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9KjlnreVIw  Dan and George want to hear from folks about what they’d like to hear about on the show.

0:06:30  If you have an audio issue, send it in and watch the guys sort it out.  “Troubled Audio of the Week,” or “What’s in the Specimen Cup This Week?”

0:08:20  George asks if there’s “breaking news” to report on each week.  

0:10:20  In the old days, they used to live call-ins.  Should they revive this?  

0:11:19  Send in feedback about roundtables and other content.  

0:12:07  Next week: the Demo Demo Derby!  Dan and George will be joined by Uncle Roy and Clifford to review the technical quality of demo productions.  

0:12:57  Send your ideas to ewabshop@gmail.com   There will be a new “specimen cup” at http://www.ewabs.net/ where you can submit your audio for technical review on the show.

0:14:47 Break

0:15:52  They’re back.  

0:16:19  Whittam’s World Episode 25, with answers to mic questions.


0:26:29  End video.  George discusses more mic issues and how troubleshooting works.  He recommends a backup mic.  

0:30:01  Break

0:31:37  They’re back.  Dan talks about websites being essential to being a voice actor.  He talks about VoiceZam and introduces VoiceZam’s creator Bob Merkel.

0:32:59  Dan asks how VoiceZam works.  Bob explains.  VoiceZam takes the traditional demo with multiple selections presented one at a time and breaks them into separate selections on a “player.”  This can help a producer who is wading through demos and short on time.  VoiceZam stacks all the selections so the listener can control what they listen to.  The website: http://www.voicezam.com/public/mainpage.aspx  The site includes an overview video and a sample demo.  Bob demonstrates how VoiceZam works.

0:38:22  VoiceZam lets producers stay longer.  Each segment could be longer than in the traditional format.  

0:40:42  VoiceZam also includes contact information and social media links.  VoiceZam also generates statistics on how your VoiceZam is used.

0:42:32  Bob describes his newest product, StraightShot.  It’s a marketing tool that works with your emails.  Bob shows how it works.  You get buttons in your signature area of your email for your individual demo tracks.  StraightShot takes you to the voice talent’s website.  

0:51:58  George shows what the email looks like at his end.  And we have problems with Flash.  

0:53:40  Bob calls emails with VoiceZam “marketing missiles.”

0:54:12  Let’s look at the producer’s world.

0:55:30  And now some words about our sponsor, Harlan Hogan.  Tell Harlan EWABS sent you!

0:57:34  Dan asks Bob about another new product, a WordPress plugin.  Write him at  bob.merkel@voicezam.com for a beta copy.  It drops VoiceZam into your website.

0:59:09  Q: Any feedback from casting directors?  A: Bob talks about “zamstistics”

0:59:40  Q: what’s your background?  A: Bob gives the answer.  He created VoiceZam out of frustration as a producer.

1:00:35  Q: Can VoiceZam be put on Facebook and LinkedIn?  A: Yes, on a FB business page, so contact Bob to find out how.

1:01:04  Q: Will Zamstistics let you know WHO clicked on your demo links?  A: It will show starting times for clicks and when a demo gets downloaded.  Bob explains how you can use a tracking code to figure out who is doing the clicking.

1:02:36  Bob says there’s a revised version of Zamstistics coming soon.

1:02:55  Q: Can VoiceZam be used on Wix or Weebly sites?  A: Yes.  Bob discusses.

1:03:47 Dan asked about pricing.  StraightShot is $2.95 a month which is on top of the standard VoiceZam price.  There’s an EWABS premium, giving $5 off.

1:05:15  Bob gives overview of how VoiceZam responds to its customers.

1:06:13  Break

1:09:56  Dan and George are back.

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1:13:44  Next week, the Demo Derby, with a technical review of demos.  Hear what works and what doesn’t.  

1:15:03  If you’d like your demo critiqued technically, send it to ewabshop@gmail.com.

1:15:19  On July 28, Rudy Gaskin will be on, talking about the Voice Acting Awards.  Nominations for these awards are due July 31.

1:16:14  August 4, no show.  On August 11, Dan and George will be together and the guest will be Dave Courvoisier, who will talk about his new book.  During Voice2014, they will tape a show and air it in early September.

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1:22:46  End of show.