EWABS Ep.93 May 5th, 2013



Published on May 5, 2013

Rick Wasserman, the promo voice of Mad Men and many more shows on AMC, joins us tonight and shares his story from Kalamazoo to Malibassas.

Dan tells us about his excellent time at voice world Toronto, and his upcoming part in Pirates of Penzance.

George's tech tidbits: Mic Placement, with/without pop screens.
George demonstrates with an AT3035, and Sennheiser 416.

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Georges "How to record with the iPad effectively" webinar is May 15th.
May 7, 2013: Voice Overs in New York, New York - Gonna Make It There! with Bettye Zoller, Roy Yokelson and Hugh Klitzkehttp://www.voiceoverxtra.com/webinar....
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Dan's tip of the week: Sound Isolation Myths.
Can you "soundproof" a space? Things to consider.
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Welcome this week's guest: Rick Wasserman.
Interview questions, and topics included:
An impromptu intro leads Rick to discuss some of his past on screen roles.
Rick shares his formal training, and early acting career.
Ricks Broadway roles in The Lion King.
How Rick transitioned to promo work.
Ricks early work with HBO, A&E, Food Network, etc.
George shares a sample of Rick's work.
Rick's work in trailers, UFC, ABC daytime, others.
Why is it so hard to get into promo?
How George and Rick met.
Rick gives us a brief tour of his home studio.
Rick Speaks a bit about his preamp, the DBX 286A.
George, Rick, and Dan share some on the road/hotel recording tips.
A brief discussion about headphones, including Harlan Hogan's.
Ricks Mic technique with the 416.
Rick has an upcoming coaching seminar on promo, at the Don La Fontaine voiceover lab May 9th, 7 -- 9 PM. (only for current students of the series)
Rick also offers private coaching at his home studio in Malibu.
Women in promo.
Rick relates his experiences with the "ABC read."

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George's tech update: A preview of the SPL Crimson. 
A high-end mic preamp, with flexible routing, and other options. 

George gives us some more NAMM footage:
The new AT2020, AT5040.
The CAD E100S.

Next week's guest: Anthony Mendez.
May 19th Bob Souer.
May 26th Google hangout special.

George shares a bit about Ella's most recent audition.

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