EWABS Ep.92 Google Hangout Special



Published on Apr 28, 2013

We had a great show with Anthony Gettig, Larry Hudson, Johnny Kavadeus, Phil Williams, Dave Courvoisier, and Steve tardio in this Google Hangout Specal.

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Dan and George give shout outs to this week's guests:
Anthony Gettig
Larry Hudson
Johnny Kavadeus
Phil Williams
Dave Courvoisier
Steve Tardio
Chatroom Guests

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Hangout questions and topics included:
Back vs. PC, the advantages, and disadvantages as a voice over platform. 
Back up strategies.
George's background with both PC, and Mac.
George's experiences at Anne Ganguzza's meet up.
The logistics of EWABS' inception, and production.
Preamps that work with source connect.
Effective voiceover marketing.
Neumann TLM 49, Sennheiser 416, other mics
Some ukuleles.
Travel gear, recording on the road tips.
Portable studio suit.
George's upcoming recording on iPad webinar.
Dave Courvoisier's travel gear setup.
Is vacuuming the dust from your mic a good idea?
Should you change your stacks if your microphone changes?

Next week's guest: Rick Wasserman.

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