EWABS Ep.90 April 7th, 2013



Published on Apr 7, 2013

Joyce "PromoTeach" Castellanos graces us with a fantastic interview this episode.

George's Tech Tid Bits: Verizon's recent ISDN memos.
Do you need ISDN ? What are the alternatives ?
George gives a good breakdown on what is available.

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Adobe Audition 6.5 is out.

Lea Pinney is continuing to update the iTunes podcast.

Dan's tip of the week: Signal to noise ratio.
Dan gives an excellent analogy to help us understand.

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Welcome this week's guest: Joyce Castellano's

Questions and topics included:
How Joyce got into promo work.
Her work at Disney, WB, NBC.
Joyce's background as an agent.
What does it take to get promo work ?
How promo differs from the other genres.
Are there women in promo ?
How do you train ? How much competition is there ?
How do the major network styles differ ?
How does training via Skype work ?
Do you need to be in Southern California to do promo work ?
Joyce gives tips on promo demos.
Is being multilingual of benefit ?
What sort of homework can actors do for promo ?
How much international work is available ?

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George shares more NAMM footage: Miktec Products.
Procast, and other Miktec items.

Dan shows us a recent gift he received. Mustache Magnets ?

Future shows:
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