EWABS Ep.89 March 31st, 2013



Published on Mar 31, 2013 Our Easter edition Google Hangout ! Happy Easter, and Passover everyone !

Hangout guests included: Dan Lenard George Whittam Lee Pinney Anne Ganguzza Anthony Gettig Steve Tardio Patrick Sweeny Jason Lawson David Kaplan and, Doug Turkel

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Questions and topics discussed included: Dan's recently aquired Tannoy ribbon Mic. Dan and Anthony's recent experience with Canadian customs. Mic Port Pro quality / durability. Dan, Anthony and Pat Sweeney at Pat Sweeney's meetup group. Studio Suit's sound deadening capabilities. Traveling with your microphone. George's Rode HS1-P headset. Projects, and popular equipment George has worked on recently. ISDN fasing out ? Source connect, other options. Microphones: Charteroak........ Neumann, others. Pat Sweeney's American/Canadian pronunciation sheet. Pat Sweeney's reaction when Dan,and Anthony called from the Canadian border. David Kaplan's recent projects. ARU Studio, Chicago. Whisper Room versus Studio Bricks, and ventilation. Room size issues. Larger, or smaller booth ? David Kaplan's recent Maurice Tobias workshop. Porta-booth pro, Harlan Hogan Headphones. The hangout guest's portable setups. George shows us a prototype 416 pop screen.

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Next week's guest is Joyce Castellanos. April 14th: Anthony Mendez.(Tentative) April 21st: The long-awaited return of Dr. Joel Bernstein, Dan's otolaryngologist. Dr. Bernstein will be speaking on hearing loss. TBA: Bob Souer.

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