EWABS Ep.88 March 24, 2013



Published on Mar 24, 2013 J. S. Gilbert joins us, lots of sage advice about the VO business. http://jsgilbert.com/ Like JS Gilbert at: https://www.facebook.com/jsgilbert

George's Tech Tidbits: Mic Proximity. George shows us an example of mic positioning using a porta-booth.

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Dan's Tip of The Week: Recording on Your Tablet. Dan introduces us to a cool app, and demonstrates using twistedwave. Airturn can even make things completely hands-free.

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Welcome This Week's Guest JS Gilbert: Who is J S Gilbert ?? http://jsgilbert.com/

Interview questions and topics included: JS offers a tip using an iAudioInterface2. JS Gilbert's original game voices. More recent game characters JS has portrayed. Where did the term "Gilbertism" come from ? JS Gilbert's lengthy career in voice over. The state of voice over today. Is experience still highly valued in voice over ? Entering into voice over ? JS Gilbert's perspective. JS Gilbert's typical day. JS shows true dedication to voice over. Full time income from gaming voices ? What drives JS to do what he does so well. JS gives us some final advice regarding relationships. Like JS Gilbert at: https://www.facebook.com/jsgilbert

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Pic and clip of the week: A booth in the bathroom ? Next week is our monthly Google Hangout Special. Apri 7th Joyce Castellanos

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