EWABS Ep.87 Audio Master Round Table on March 17th, 2013



ublished on Mar 17, 2013 Dan and George are joined by VO tech masters Uncle Roy Yokelson, Joe van Riper and Cliff Zellman. We had an awesome Tech Masters Round Table and covered a huge range of topics, check it out.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone !

George's Tech Tidbits: Genius ? George's recent experience with an Apple genius.

Welcome Our Roundtable Guests: Uncle Roy Yokelson Joe Van Riper Cliff Zellman And our hosts: George Whittam Dan Lenard

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The Roundtable: Six topics were prepared, the answers to resulting questions, and the discussions that flowed from those topics are listed below.

1) (2 Parts) ( a)Soundproofing in a home studio; impossible, plausible, in-expensive ? ( b) Which is more important soundproofing or room acoustics ? What sort of jobs might require more soundproofing ? Window treatment. Room tone. Location. Soundproofing versus sound dampening. Hard versus soft surfaces. Studio size, and configuration.

2)Buying the right stuff. Who to ask. Who not to ask. Equipment considerations. Smarter shopping. Mike testing scenarios, and tips.

3) Mic Price versus quality. Each panelist gives their microphone recommendations. Dynamic mics ? Lots of great mic info.

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Topics and questions continue. 4)External preamp ? Channel strip ? Who should be doing front end processing ? Plug Ins. Audition processing ?

5) When to Normalize. Each panelist explains their technique. Human compressor ? Normalization tips.

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One thing all of our panelists agreed on, was...

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6)Panelist topics, and questions from Chat room viewers. Home studio hum. Processing revisited. If client asks for processing, and you don't understand the request, one of our panelists can help you. Favorite pre amp recommendations. Summations from our panelists.

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