EWABS EP146 June 8th Live From Edge Studio with Kristen Thorne



Streamed live on Jun 9, 2014

Show Log
Episode 146, June 9, 2014

Guest: Kristen Thorne, Edge Studio Director of Production
George talks about using iPads and Android tablets for recording
Dan’s Tip of the Week will be about audio quality in the personal, professional studio

0:00:00   The show starts right from the top.  Technical problem: can’t run the spots as usual.  George is in NYC at Edge Studio.

0:03:14   Dan rants on bad audio.  He and George have heard a lot of bad audio lately.  Dan reviews the basics:

0:04:15  Acoustics.  If they aren’t right, your gear can’t fix it.  There has to be minimal observable room reaction.  Many don’t hear room reflection.  

0:05:40  Base reflex.  This comes from being in too small a room or under a shelf.  Never mind “sound proofing.”  Go into your closet and make it acoustically neutral.

0:07:20  Mic technique.  Dan has heard a lot of exploding p’s.   The mic should be above, the copy below.  Some get too close to their mics.  You should be 7-12 inches away from your mic (the hang-10 finger routine).  Headphone leakage, buzzing, noise floor are all issues Dan is hearing.  Dan has a dropbox athttp://www.homevoiceoverstudio.com/  

0:10:02  George has a sound check service, too, athttp://vostudiotech.com/dropbox/  Note: he’s behind by several weeks because of his workload.  Both services are free.  

0:10:57  Starting July 1, World Voice Over will start certifying personal studio audio for members.  

0:11:41  Dan still has Studio Suit, a sound damping treatment.  (See EWABS Episode 103 (July 28, 2013) starting at about minute forty-one where Dan sets up a booth with PVC pipe and Studio Suit.  EWABS Ep.103 July 28th, 2013 On the Road with VOPeeps! Guest: Scott Rummell).

0:14:00 Technical issues intervene.

0:19:22  George talks about how to use iPad for audio.  (See also Whittam’s World Episode 27 at Edge Studio's Whittam's World - Episode 27 "Recording / Editing on iPads")  The iPad is a decent computer, capable of producing good audio.

0:20:30  George talks the Apogee One microphone for iPad.  http://www.apogeedigital.com/products/one  It’s an interface and has a built-in mic.  

0:22:18  Question: what about tablets?  Non iOS like Android, don’t have standard hardware, so you can’t guarantee how it will interact with USB devices like microphones.  

0:23:23  George talks about the “USB Dual Pre” by Art that he’s had success using it on an Android phone. http://artproaudio.com/discontinued_products/discontinued_products/product/usb_dual_pre/   Make sure any tablets you’re thinking about getting have a “USB on-the-go” functionality and cable.  The software on Android isn’t as simple and easy to use as Apple products at this point.

0:24:21  TwistedWave on iPad is easy.  Dan weighs in about how that works.  

0:25:45   Question: can you run SourceConnect on the iPad?  Not yet, but it’s in the works.  

0:26:10  A less expensive mic for the iPad is the iTrack Solo.  http://us.focusrite.com/ipad-audio-interfaces-usb-audio-interfaces/itrack-solo  It just needs to be plugged into USB “bus power” (AKA a USB battery).  George shows an example.

0:26:59  George says iOS8 will have some great new features that allow file sharing that will give DropBox a run for their money.

0:27:35  George goes to find the guest for tonight.  Dan explains that YouStream didn’t cooperate and they had to use Google Hangout to bring us the show.  He tells horror stories about radio remotes.  

0:28:45 Kristen Thorne joins the show.  

0:29:20  Dan begins interview.  Kristen tells her background in VO.  After falling asleep in studios, she decided she’s a producer.  

0:31:40  Dan asks Kristen what goes on at Edge Studio.  http://www.edgestudio.com/
She explains.  It’s everything from audiobooks to animation to corporate work.  

0:33:00  Her main focus is bringing in new clients and helping them plan productions.  

0:34:42  Question: what are some of your favorite projects and VO actors.  Kristen discusses.

0:35:45  As a casting director, she’s looking for professional, reliable voice actors.  

0:36:30  George mentions that Edge hires who they train.  George Orlando is an example.  NYC has a thriving studio scene.  Edge is a stone’s throw from Times Square.  

0:38:33  Dan asks about Edge’s classes.   The program includes webinars.  

0:40:30  Dan asked about coaches at Edge.  Kristen lists several.

0:41:12  Question: are you using ipDTL and other remote capability?  Mostly they use SourceConnect.  There are some growing pains which is why George is there this week.

0:42:48  Question: what is the n umber one thing a talent must have to work with Edge?  Answer: Great demo gets you in the door.  Location is next.  Are you close to an Edge facility or does your personal studio produce professional quality.  

0:44:25  Question: do you come west to teach?  Answer is yes.  

0:45:20   Question: Can I record my demo at Fairfield, Conn., Edge studio or do I have to come to NYC?  George and Kristen talk about if remote recording demos is possible.  George says that Edge will eventually have a SourceConnectNow link to allow talent to provide audio.

0:48:35  Can you record auditions at Edge?  Yes, it’s billed at 15-min. increments and you can hire a booth director.  They offer “checkup” sessions for $27 where you can have Edge listen to your audition.  

0:50:18  How often do you hire Edge students from the “Fresh Voices” library?  Clients hire, Edge just submits from their talent roster.  Kristen describes the process.

0:52:05  Can you recommend someone in L.A. for demos?  Noelle Romano is the Edge go-to-coach for in-studio production in L.A.  (You can see her in EWABS Episode 142—May 5, 2014—EWABS Ep 142 May 5th, 2014 with Noelle Romano, voice coach)

0:53:20  Is there an Edge Studio in the South?  They have some relationships in Atlanta, but nothing definite yet.  George talked about commercial studio quality sometimes being poor compared to personal studios.  

0:55:40  George now attempts a tour of Edge Studio’s facility via MacBook Air.

0:57:09  Client’s eye view in Studio B.  

0:57:45  Studio B booth.  

0:58:20  Ceiling acoustical treatments.

0:58:30  Wall thickness!

0:59:30  Studio E.

1:00:06  Studio C, where the phone patch lives.

1:00:37  Kristen talks about the “scream test” to test the isolation of each booth.

1:02:41  Elevators and reception area.

1:02:05  The Tech Closet!

1:02:25   Dolby certified room for production.

1:02:50  Foley pits and the mixing production area.  

1:04:09  The view of 45th Street.

1:04:50  Back off and the edge of the wifi coverage.

1:06:00  George describes the coming week and the Promax convention. http://promaxbda.org/events/current-events/promaxbda-the-conference-2014

1:07:41  The next show will be from Florida and will be a roundtable on marketing.  

1:08:40  EWABS Clickers!  The supply is dwindling.  Order now!  Coming soon: a shirt.

1:10:39  EWABS Essentials coming online: great moments from past shows.  

1:11:20  Thanks to Edge Studio and to support staff.

1:13:03  End of the show.