EWABS Ep.128 with VO Casting Director Kelly Passinault



Published on Jan 20, 2014

Kelly Passinault shares HUGELY helpful info about casting VO, Dan's experiences in Vegas with Marice Tobias, and Joe Cipriano, George on phone patches.

Dan's tip of the week: Vegas!
Dan was recently at Maurice tobias' workshop in Las VegasDan has some great footage, including some of Joe Cipriano reading from his new book. 

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Whittams World: Phone Patches
George shows us how with:
Cell phone

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Welcome this week's guest: Burbank Creative Director, Kelly Passinault.
Head of casting for voice caster, demo producer, and much more.

Interview topics, and questions included:
How did Kelly get started doing all these varied skills?
What did Kelly study in college?
What exactly does a casting company do?
What does she look for that causes her to choose one voice talent over another?
How important are the specs on a particular piece of copy?
How much of an audition does Kelly generally listen to before moving to the next one?
Does she still choose mostly California talent, or does she find talent everywhere these days?
Dan asked about the teaching, coaching, and production work that also goes on at Voicecaster.
What part does audio quality play in a good audition?
Kelly explains the classes at voice caster.
What sort of equipment is available at Voicecaster?
What are the criteria for working with Voicecastor?
Voicecastor can also direct your audition via VO 'n' GO.
What's the quickest way for talent to get passed over?
What's the best way to get to read for Kelly if you're in LA for a few days??
What sort of equipment does Kelly use to listen to auditions?
Does Kelly often choose Talent she's already familiar with for projects?

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Dan introduces us to a new studio in Toronto
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