EWABS Ep.103 July 28th, 2013 On the Road with VOPeeps!



Published on Jul 29, 2013

Scott Rummell, Anne Ganguzza and the VOPeeps join us for Episode 103. Dan assembles a Studio Suit booth onsite! Peeps test out the SM57, Sennheiser 416, and AT2020 mics in the booth.

We join the live audience as Anne explains a little about VO Peeps to us.

Anne introduces us to some of the raffle items to be given away this episode.

Dan introduces us to This Weeks Guest: Orange County VO Scott Rummle.
Scott's beginnings in voice over, and his early affiliation with Daws Butler.
Scott's close friendship with Don LaFontaine.
Giving back. Scott shares some stories.
Scott's home studio.
If scott could give beginners one piece of advice, what would it be?
What networking advice does Scott have for the new voice actor?

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Dan's mom makes a brief guest appearance.

Dan and George assemble a homemade, portable sound dampening booth featuring Studio Suit.

Dan fields questions about Studio Suit, and the assembly.

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Audience members volunteer to read scripts as Dan demonstrates three different microphones inside the Studio Suit booth.

Anne, and Dan draw names for the raffle.
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Next week's guest is: Marc Graue
Aug.12: Juan Carlos aka Some Audio Guy
Aug.26: Google Hangout

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