EWABS Ep 99 June 23rd, 2013



Published on Jun 24, 2013

Our guest is Rodney Saulsberry, voice actor, coach, and author of 
"You Can Bank On Your Voice." George reviews the iTrack Solo and Adobe Creative Cloud. Dan's Tip Of The Week is on Mic Technique.

George's Tech Tidbits: Focusrite iTrack Solo
George shares an unpackaging, and shares its features. 
Lots of need to know info, if you're considering purchasing one of these.
Dan gives us his experiences with the product as well.

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Dan's Tip Of The Week: Mic Technique.
Dynamic, and condenser mics explained.
How a condenser mic is designed.
Tips for condenser mic usage.

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Welcome this week's guest: Rodney Saulsberry
Rodney has appeared in TV shows like M.A.S.H., Monk, The Bold, and the Beautiful, Taxi, and Hill Street Blues.
Interview questions, and topics included:
Rodney's experiences with Don LaFontaine.
Don's contribution to rodneys book.
How Rodney got started in voice over.
Rodney's early experiences in voice over.
Rodney's promo, and trailer work.
Rodney's Zatarain's work.
Rodney's suggestions for ongoing voice over training.
Rodney's teachers, and training.
Rodney shares with us a video about confidence.
Rodney's voce over coaching.
Rodney will be in Nashville on the 13th and 14th, and
New York July 27th at edge studio.
The Consultants Club.
How is Rodney's teaching style different than other teachers?
Rodney's studio, audio chain,etc.
Does Rodney generally process his work?
Rodney's money box.

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George's Tech Update: 
Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service. 
Pro Tools 11, now with offline bounce.

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