EWABS Ep. 86 March 10th, 2013



Published on Mar 10, 2013 On this very special episode of EWABS, we are joined by Chuck Duran, and Stacey J Aswad. Hosts of VO Buzz Weekly! Hear how it all got started and more about Chuck and Stacey than you'll find anywhere else. vobuzzweekly.com staceyjaswad.com/ http://www.demosthatrock.com/

EWABS would like to thank Doug Turkel for allowing Dan to use his studio to complete this week's promo.

Chuck, and Stacy join us live from George's studio.

George's Tech Tidbits: Skype's new codec. Higher-quality audio is coming. George also introduces us to Mixer Buddy, a sort of multi-feature, custom patch bay for your studio. http://www.broadcasttools.com/view_pr...

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Dan's Tip Of The Week...is more of a rant. Where should you get advice ? Dan refers to a recent forum exchange which can be found here: http://linkd.in/ZxvSMs

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This week's special guests are Chuck Duran and Stacy J. Aswad, hosts of VO Buzz Weekly. vobuzzweekly.com

Topics and questions included: How VO Buzz Weekly came to be. VO Buzz Weekly celebrated it's first year in January. The concept behind VO Buzz Weekly. The careers of Chuck, and Stacy, prior to VO Buzz Weekly... Stacy has been working with Disney World for some time, and trained at Juilliard prior to that. Chuck is originally from Florida, and has a musical background which merged with voice over demo production, and direction. The VO Buzz Weekly crew. Whats the production schedule like at VO Buzz Weekly ? Chuck shares some voice over demo advice, as well as some business advice. Chuck demonstrates the new Harlan Hogan voice optimized headphones. Stacy speaks about the shared professional commitment that bonds EWABS, and VO Buzz Weekly to the voice over community. twitter@vobuzzweekly www.facebook.com/VOBuzzWeekly?group_id=0 http://pinterest.com/vobuzzweekly/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8Ti_...

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George shares more NAMM footage, from the Focusrite booth. Check out the 2013 Scarlett Series.

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