EWABS Ep 142 May 5th, 2014 with Noelle Romano, voice coach



Show Log Episode 142, May 5, 2014

Guest: Noelle Romano, voice coach from Edge Studio George presents a “Whittam’s World” on pre-fab vs. DIY isolation booths Dan talks about World Voice Over (WoVO) membership

0:04:40 Dan talks about WoVO Con One, the first conference of World Voice-Over. One of the best he’s been to. It began two years ago, as an industry organization for voice-over. Coming up: resources and people so WoVO can be the “voice of the people who speak for a living,” all over the world. There’s now a plan for a special website to promote members’ work. Join WoVO to help make the industry better for everyone. To learn more go to: http://www.worldvo.org/ The meeting was very productive. There was a demo of all three online ISDN replacements. People worked together.

0:11:04 George asked what it takes to join. You have to be a working professional. It’s a member-driven organization.

0:14:32 Break

0:16:47 They’re back. The latest with Studio Suit: Dan has a bunch and will ship! Hang it up and it works. http://www.vostudiosuit.com/

0:17:25 George’s “Whittam’s World” (Episode 22) on isolation booths: build your own or pre fab? The “usual suspects” in pre-fab are similar and start at $4000. 1) George suggests consider looking at resale value if you may have to move soon. 2) Did you consider buying a used booth? Not so hard in L.A., but elsewhere it might be harder. Used booths can cost $3000 and hold their value pretty well. 3) Do you have time to build a booth? Are you missing work without the booth? The do it yourself booths take a lot of time to put together, far longer than you might expect. 4) How good are you at building? Do you have skilled friends? Dawbox plans aren’t the best and depend on your skills in building. 5) Acoustical treatments—all these need more than what they come with. They need denim panels (http://www.atsacoustics.com/) or other material. Some booths have pre attached foam that you need to work around. NONE have adequate acoustical treatment out of the box.

Send questions for “Whittam’s World” to George at whittamsworld@edgestudio.com. For one-on-one consulting, go to http://vostudiotech.com/ The video ended at 0:26:49.

0:26:50 George continues discussing the topic. George talks about Scott Peterson of L.A. (on Facebook) who makes collapsable, custom booths. https://www.facebook.com/scottsvobooths. Not available out of L.A. area. He cautions: often, the better the isolation, the worse the acoustics. It takes effort to make it all work.

0:29:19 Break

0:30:45 They’re back, with a rant about looping software. 0:31:16 Noelle comes on. She introduces herself and how she got into VO.

0:35:45 She specializes in coaching children!

0:38:40 George asks what if he brought Ella in.

0:40:30 What does it mean for a kid to be “competitive”? It comes down to how well a kid can take direction and how consistent are they? Are they enjoying it? Are they understanding it?

0:44:37 How important is it for a kid to have an agent? It’s important for getting access to bigger brands and clients. Otherwise, it would be a big workload for the parent. It’s up to the parent.

0:46:30 George asked about successful kids. Noelle tells of a mom who made sure her daughter got lessons as well as work.

0:49:50 Live spot for Edge Studios.

0:51:01 George talks about his month-long special on TwistedWave effect stacks for $37.50. Coupon code: TWStackMay14.

0:51:53 Q: Do you teach Skype sessions, Noelle? A: Yes!

0:52:25 Q: What percentage of work is going to actual kids compared to adults doing kids? A: It depends on the style of the show. In the pre-school world, it’s more likely to be a kid. For ages 7-14 and above, it tends to be adults doing kid voices. A problem with kid voices is that the kids grow up and their voices change!

0:54:43 Q: Does child acting work translate to adolescent and adult work? A: Noelle said it does, it can.

0:55:45 Q: Do you advocate a rounded acting education? A: Most of her kid clients are doing that. It comes down to the kid.

0:57:27 Q: Should you (the adult VO actor) choose a coach who is close to your own vocal style? A: Noelle thinks that can help, while not totally necessary. See her at NoRoVO.com. She advocates trying a lot of different teachers to cover a variety of learning styles.

0:58:40 Q: Is there work for kids not in L.A.? A: For kids, you typically want them in the room. You might, here and there, do an ISDN session once work is booked. The bulk of L.A. work is in person. Dan adds: NEVER direct your own kids! They can get surly.

1:00:03 Q: How much do you seek talent via auditions from agents or pay-to-play sites? A: Noelle has seen roles go to new talent, when the tried and true talent a studio is used to doesn’t meet the need. The animation world in L.A. is a tough bubble to pop. Competition is intense. Producers love to have choices, assuming the talent isn’t a celebrity.

1:02:50 Break

1:04:19 Dan is back with echo. Next week’s guest is HARLAN HOGAN!

1:05:00 Go over to Voiceover Essentials, http://voiceoveressentials.com/, for the best collection of VO gear. Harlan will have a preview of a new mixer next week, including the mixer’s makers.

1:07:30 Dan on travel fatigue.

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1:09:29 EWABS t-shirt. George made the mistake of asking about the design.

1:09:55 T SPRING coming: the shirt will be for sale for a limited time and quantity. The proceeds will let George build a Windows computer for the show. Stay tuned for news on the shirt.

1:11:20 Q: Is the show streamed over YouTube Live? A: That’s something the new computer will be able to do once we add some horse power in the graphics card.

1:12:50 If anyone can help create EWABS Essentials segments, George would train.

1:13:55 Show notes are “hot clickable” in YouTube.

1:14:26 Next week, Harlan; May 19: The Elusive Doug Terkel and a marketing for VO roundtable. May 26: Dark, no show.

1:15:13 In June, two audiobook producers, Debra Deyan and Colleen Marlow from the Deyan Institute http://www.deyaninstitute.com/home.html who offer classes, will be guests.

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