EWABS Ep. 140 April 21, 2014 Third Anniversary



Episode 140, April 21, 2014

Third Anniversary Show, together at the Ganguzza’s house in Irvine, Calif.  

0:3:10 Guests: Many, including Dan’s mom.

0:4:00  Dan tells about meeting a SoCal mouse at his mom’s.

0:5:25  Dan tells some EWABS history, starting with a talk George gave at Voice2008.  Then, at Voice 2010, it started to jell as Dan and George collaborated on solving a problem.  They took inspiration from NPR’s “Car Talk”—hence the “body shop.”  Now we’re at episode 140.  

0:9:55  Dan admits to editing with a razor blade.

0:10:05  George admits his age (40), and then Dan does, too.  (+17)

Some shoutouts:
0:10:45 Bob Sauer
0:11:04 Adam from SLC
0:11:29 Andy at Top Voice-Over
0:11:37 Andy Boyns and Memet Onur sing happy birthday in Turkish (and sing it well)
0:12:12 Anthony Gettig from the U.P. Michigan

0:13:00  Break

0:14:25 Back at the party.  

0:14:50 Dan prepares to roam the room.  Dan talks with Johnny Cavetas and his camera.  

0:15:34  He then moves over to see Larry Hudson and Sylvia McClure, the EWABS “bumper” folks.  Is it “Dan and George” or “George and Dan”?  

Simon Vance is the cameraman.

0:17:30 Katherine Curriden, the EWABS producer for the last two years.  She’s the person who gets the great guests for the show.  

0:19:08  Connie Terwilliger.  She met Dan at Voice 2007 in Las Vegas.  Unconscious incompetence is curable.  Connie is a good source on forums for good information.

0:21:17  Denise Chamberlain.  She worked with Dan on Voice-Over Virtual last summer.       Dan sent an ALL CAPS email.  They originally met at Voice 2007.

0:22:30  Karen O’Bryant, a frequenter of the EWABS Chat Room.  She recalls her favorite “cluge” when George had to broadcast Dan’s image from an iPhone perched on his forehead (Episode 125, Dec. 30, 2013).  Her other favorite moment was a long discussion by George with no audio—the Chat Room filled in with their own words.

0:24:28  Alex Apostolides

0:25:13  James Alburger and Penny Abshire came up from San Diego for the event.  Voice 2014 will be at the Anaheim Hilton this year.  The theme is “Better than Ever.”  A Las Vegas headliner will do a show and a talk later about the show, “Creating a Million-Dollar Mouth.”  Other presenters will be new, too.  Lots of surprises.  

0:27:45  Martha Kahn, who helped Dan with the Voice-Over Virtual conference last summer.  

More shoutouts:
0:28:44  Joe Cipriano, the view from the wiring tangle, behind and underneath it all.
0:30:03  Cliff Zellman, from his studio
0:30:20  Dave Courvoisier (CourVO) from his car
0:30:49  Ed Waldorph with a distinguished shoutout

0:31:35  Break

0:32:50  They’re back.  George has a new virtual audience toy.  It has cheers, crickets…

0:33:30  Dan wanders over to meet Simon Vance.  Simon tells us about his current audiobook work.  He recounts his 700 title-career.  He explains why he worked under other names.

0:36:55 Dan asks Simon how he’s seen the business change.  MP3’s contributed to the change, and then Audible combined with Amazon which “democratized” audiobooks, but drew in a huge number of new actors and changed the standards.  The industry has expanded hugely.  

0:42:03  Ann Ganguzza, the party host.  Ann talks about Voice-Over Peeps.  She remembered the fun of Episode 103, last July 28, when Dan built a Studio Suit booth in Ann’s living room.  

More shoutouts
0:45:42  Elaine Clark, from Voice One in San Francisco
0:46:00  Jerry Pelletier, from Florida, and his Studio Bricks studio
0:46:32  John Taylor, in his house
0:46:57  Kevin Scheuller from his EWABS inspired cave, with his EWABS clicker!
0:47:30  Source Elements (Robert Marshall and Rebekah Wilson) sends a shoutout

0:47:57  Break

0:49:18  They’re back with a dead mic and frozen video.  (Apollo 13 continues.)

0:49:54  A wave from Dan’s mom.

0:50:06  Dan’s mic dies.  Gear shift.  Cover SFX.

Q  Is Dan shaving off his mustache in honor of three years?
A  Detailed answer

Q  What equipment are you using to do the show?
A   (George adds a mustache).  

0:53:50 George gives an extended answer.  Be ready to take notes on all the details!

0:57:00  Prizes offered to the assembled fun-havers.

And then it was time to “fork a poke,” … er…

Next week: James and Penny talking about Voice 2014

The week after: VO Marketing Roundtable (Ann Ganguzza and others)

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1:14:42  We wind up with “Happy Birthday”!  (Actually sung pretty well!)

Time to stick a fork in it.

More shoutouts!
1:16:19  Nathan Cundiff
1:16:29  Lee Pinney from Voice Around Town
1:17:09  Steve Tardio with Three Clicks!
1:17:26  Andy Barnett from KC

1:18:06  End of Show