EWABS Ep. 120 December 2, 2013 Wes Dooley of AEA



Published on Dec 2, 2013

A wonderful interview with Wes Dooley at his AEA headquarters in Pasadena, CA, George talks USB, and Dan shares his thoughts on mics for the traveling VO.

George's Tech Tidbits: USB 2 vs. 3.
It's all about speed, but how much do you need?

Dan shows us the happy Hanukkah glasses his son Louis sent from school this year.

The guys explain that this week's guest Wes Dooley, and AEA Microphones have the most veritable microphone collection.

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Tuesday Dec. 19 Dan Lenard's Home Studio Wizardry: Live Training, Studio Case Analysis, Q and A.
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Dan's Tip Of The Week: Which microphone to take on the road. 
How to keep it simple.

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This Week's Guest: Wes Dooley of AEA Microphones.

Interview topics, and questions included:
How Wes became involved in the microphone industry.
Why ribbon microphones?
What improvements were made to the original 44 design?
How Wes went from Hobby mode, to full paced business mode.
Wes gives some suggestions for specific vo ribbon mics.
Wes explains the physics of why ribbon works for voice over.
Ribbon mic technique.
We get a visual pan of AEA's "Wall of Mics." 
Ribbon mic pricing.
Why ribbon mics are so well suited to long-form narrative work.
A brief look at some of the more interesting Mics in AEA's collection.
George recommends the N22 if investigating a new AEA ribbon mic,
and then demonstrates a Coles 4104 B mic for us.

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George shares this week's Viewer question.
Choosing appropriate shapes of acoustical foam.

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Dec. 23rd Holiday Hang Out with the Whittam family.
Dec. 30th End of the year best of 2013 show.
Jan. 6th Bob Bergen. How to practice animation sounds.

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