EWABS Ep. 118 November 18, 2013 with Joe Cipriano



Published on Nov 18, 2013

What a unique opportunity we had this episode! Joe Cipriano came on to talk about his book "Living On Air" and had to break away for a promo VO job, but he took us with him into the booth and we got to experience the entire session from start to finish. Soooo cool!
Plus, George features a Whittam's World on EQ and Dan and George discuss Mac for VO.

The guys chat with Joe about his new book "Living On Air," which will also be available in audiobook form directed by Maurice Tobias.
Joe gives us a tour of his studio which leads to an impromptu ISDN session. You'll love watching Joe work live.

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Whittam's World: EQ.
George gives us a hands-on demonstration using Twisted Wave.
Notch filter? Add some punch? Roll-off? George shows us how.

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Dan's Tip Of The Week: Why choose Mac for voice over? 
Both dan, and George give us their reasons for recommending Mac.

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