EWABS Ep. 106 Aug 19, 2013



Published on Aug 19, 2013

David Kaye was our guest, and we had a great time. George talks about audio interfaces, and Dan's Tip of the Week is Audio Formats. Plus a viewer question with sound clip, and even more!

George's Tech This Week: Audio Interfaces
What an audio interface does. Some requirements we should be looking for. George and Dan show us a few, including: 
ART USB Dual Pre
Focusrite iTrack Solo
Echo (prototype)
Apogee One (original type)
Apogee MiC (with integral interface)

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Dan's Tip Of The Week: File Formats
What are the functions of the particular audio file format extensions?
Wave PCM
Dan gives us an in-depth answer.

Dan, and George field a question from a viewer who has an odd transient noise in his audio.

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Welcome This Week's Guest: David Kaye
Interview questions, and topics included:
David's 11th grade radio job.
David's transition into freelance Voice work.
David's work on the GI Joe Animated Series.
David's work in video games.
David's work on Transformers.
Georges recent work on David's home studio, with pics.
Are recent animations using more real voices than cartoon voices?
Current projects David is working on.
Ratchet and Clank.
Which of David's voiced games does he play?
George and Dan play us the Transformers theme, which was originally recorded by one of our regular chat room guests; Uncle Roy Yokelson.

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