Episode 141, April 28, 2014 James Alburger and Penny Abshire



Show Log

Episode 141, April 28, 2014

Guests: James Alburger and Penny Abshire

George talks about buying a new computer

Dan talks about HISSSSSSS

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0:04:44  Dan shows his old carbon microphone.

0:06:30  George goes computer shopping.  Learn what a GPU is compared to CPU.  

0:10:00  How much memory do you need?

0:12:25  Hard drive (HD) or solid state drive (SSD)?

0:14:35  Which operating system?

0:16:38  Dan and George discuss.

0:18:43  Break

0:20:19  They’re back in echo mode.

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0:21:30  Tip of the Week on hissing.

0:26:03  Discussion.  George added that Hiss can be a setting issue.  Some Windows systems can actually add hiss.  

0:28:55  Dan’s “live read” for Edge Studio’s home studio spring cleaning service offer.  George will clean your system and filing, and give you ideas for backup.  All for $127.  Also, his TwistedWave stack service for half off during May. 

0:31:50  Break

0:32:28  They’re back with Jim and Penny.

0:33:55  Jim and Penny join in from San Diego to talk about Voice Over Academy.   Their site: http://www.voiceacting.com/

It all began at Voice 2007 in Las Vegas, and a community was created.

Voice 2014: August 27-30 in Anaheim, Calif.  “Better than Ever.”  They’re having a Spanish VO presenter from Argentina, and more on motivation and marketing.  Check out http://www.voice2014.com/  to see the presenters list.  There will be presentations for intermediate to advanced levels of VO.  Beginners will also find value in the programs.  Most programs will be recorded and most will be available to participants.  Early Bird registration runs through April 30.  Also, until May 2, you can save $50 on registration.  Listen how at 0:51:58.

0:55:37  Harlan Hogan’s Voice Over Essentials:  http://voiceoveressentials.com/

He’s got all sorts of custom voice-over gear.

0:59:00  The interview with Jim and Penny resumes.  They talk about their Voice Acting Academy.  Their workshops will resume after Voice 2014.  Another arm of their business: http://voiceactingstudios.com/

1:01:00  Questions from the Chat Room

1:01:30  Q when will the 5th edition of The Art of Voice Acting, Jim’s book?  A: this fall.

1:04:38  Q is there a chance Voice will make it outside of Southern California?  

    A:  No.  They want it to make it convenient for voice talent and agents in L.A.  

They talk about the sense of community created by the Voice conferences.  EWABS started because of Voice.  Larry Davis and Elizabeth Stuart met at Voice 2010 and married.  Andy Boyns and Mehmet met on the way to Voice, while both lived in Istanbul.

1:13:29  Break.

1:14:30  They’re back.  

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