EWABS Episode 186 April 27, 2015 with Larry Davis and Elizabeth Stuart



We have friends and supporters of EWABS Larry David and Elizabeth Stuart on this episode. Larry and Elizabeth are voice acting pros who love to share their stories of success, and take a huge amount of questions from the chatroom. George shares highlights from WovoCon and a few product spots from NAB, including Shure, Pelican cases, and JK Audio.

EWABS Episode 185 April 20, 2015 with David Kaye



Multi-facted voice actor David Kaye joins us from his beautiful home studio and shares his story from womb to tomb. OK, no tomb. Tip of the Week on recording VO with an iOS device, and some highlights from George's Vegas trip covering NAB and WovoCon II.

EWABS Episode 184 April 13, 2015 with Melissa Moats and the Vegas Voicers



George takes the show on the road to attend NAB, NMX, and WovoCon, and lands at Melissa Moats' Voice Actor's Studio in Henderson, Nevada, complete like the Vegas Voicers providing a lively audience! We also talk to Jack de Golia and Mike Martin. Special thanks to Troy Moats and Alex MacDonald for their technical assistance.

EWABS Episode 183 March 30, 2015 with Speech Pathologist Lara Hirner



Edge Studio's very own vocal care expert and speech therapist Lara Hirner answers a deluge of questions from Dan and our audience. Dan share's a Tip of the Week on studio acoustics vs sound proofing, news, and viewer tech questions. More info about Lara http://www.edgestudio.com/lara-hirner