EWABS Episode 175 January 26, 2015 with Mary Lynn Wissner



Influential and helpful voiceover casting director Mary Lynn Wissner Voices joins us this week from voicecasting.com
Gerald Griffith, founder of VOAtlanta tells us what's to come for VOAtlanta 2015 coming March 12th. 
George has hits from the 2015 NAMM show, too!

EWABS Episode 174 January 19, 2015 with VO Pals Pablo and Al



Pablo and Al the Voiceover Pals in the Garage bring some levity to the show and share their pearls of wisdom. Dan's Tip of the Week on Personal Studio Troubleshooting, questions, news, laughs, info, it's all here.

EWABS Episode 173 January 12, 2015 with Roger Leopardi



Roger gives and gives on this information packed (aren't they all) episode. George's open letter to engineers' message about adopting IP audio codecs, News, Dan and George answer questions, and Mugman!

EWABS Episode 172 January 5, 2015 with Jeff Howell



World Wide Wadio producer Jeff Howell is our esteemed first guest of 2015. George asks the chat room what they plan to do to boost their VO careers in 2015 and shares some thoughts of his own. George and Dan answer viewer questions, and Dan's Tip of the Week is about "Personal Studios".