EWABS Ep137 March 24 2014 with Dr. Joel Bernstein Otorhinolaryngologist



Published on Mar 24, 2014

Sinusitus and all things sinuses the topic on this thrilling episode of EWABS. Dan shares a TOTW on audio processing, and George shows off and demos his Kaotica Eyeball, picked up while presenting at VO 2014 Atlanta.

EWABS Ep 136 March 17 2014 with Liz de Nesnera



Published on Mar 17, 2014

Our wonderful and patient guest this episode is Liz de Nesnera, one of the most knowledgable on the subject of telephony in the VO industry. We have some Skype issues and George gets Liz on IPDTL mid-interview. If you like seeing how we make the sausage, this episode is for you. Dan shares his thoughts finding now VO niches, George shares a Whittam's World on dealing with aging audio equipment, and we answer a viewer question on audio processing with Logic Pro X.

EWABS EP135 March 10, 2014 with Johnny Heller



Streamed live on Mar 10, 2014

Johnny Heller joins us to discuss the world of audiobooks from the actor's perspective. He's a union talent from New York City with many years of wisdom to share. Dan helps you with your technophobia and George rants about getting bad tech advice from forums.

EWABS Episode 134 Audio Masters Roundtable March 3, 2014



Published on Mar 4, 2014

Our panelists this time around include Cliff Zellman, Uncle Roy Yokelson, Joe van Riper and Stephen Sisk. We start off analyzing audio for quality, discuss the demise of isdn, and take your questions. Than to Livingston Studio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

EWABS Episode 133 with VO Branding Expert Celia Siegel



Published on Feb 24, 2014

We're ALL BUSINESS this episode as Celia takes your questions on branding and building a VO business, Dan talks about nurturing your referrals, and George gets into his version of Life Hacking.

EWABS Episode 132 February 17, 2014 with Erik Sheppard and John Taylor



Published on Feb 18, 2014

Erik Sheppard, Agent from Today's Voice is our special guest, and friend of the show and entertaining morning show host John Taylor drops in to the LA studio. We start the show with Dan and George speaking via Source Connect Now, the latest in audio streaming over IP technology, George shares an interview with Source Elements founders Robert Marshall and Rebekah Wilson, and Dan shows us his RE20 and explains why NOT to us it for VO!

EWABS Episode 131 on February 10, 2014 with J. S. Gilbert



Published on Feb 10, 2014

J. S. Gilbert is visiting the southland this week and stops in the EWABS West Studio! We get into the discussion about whether ISDN should or will remain king of the hill for much longer, or if new technologies like Source Connect and IPDTL will take over soon. George shares product videos from Winter NAMM show including the CEntrance MixerFace, Universal Audio Apollo Twin, and Equator D5 studio monitors.

J.S. Gilbert discusses: ISDN with the guys.

IpDTL is beginning to gain much acclaim among VO artists, for sound quality, and ease of use.

The topic turns to some of the reasons ISDN continues to hang on. 
J.S. shares some personal experiences with studio production personnel.

JS makes the analogy of how mics evolved for use on the west coast in VO work

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Whittam's World: Segments from the NAMM show featuring centrance myxer face, the Apollo Twin Thunderbolt Interface, and Equator Studio Monifors, and controller.

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J.S. shares some advice on comparing yourself to others in the VO business.

J.S. compares VO ten years ago, and today.

J.S. goes in depth on just what is often expected from VO talent these days that isn't acting related at all.

Dan shares a story of he and J.S. at dinner in San Francisco.

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J.S. relates how dan and george give so much added value to the vo industry.

Js shares the details of his audio chain.

George relates some stories of some of his higher end clients.

J.S. lends his approval to studio suit as being installation, and cost effective when compared to the alternatives.

Dan's Port a Booth demonstration video.

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Next Week...Erik Sheppard
Feb. 24.. Celia Siegel

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